The worst thing about a uniform is making all children look the same. So I believe In the school of 2035, small entities such as school uniforms would surely be replaced by color codes for each day according to which children would wear their own clothes.

The school would be a shape shifting one that is to say everyday the children would aka up to find their school enclosed in a whole new shape. This would make any child tempted towards spending more time there. Moreover, the natural world would Intrude Into It, rather than be fenced off from It. This would make students mind more open to new Ideas and wisdom. Any school's safety is a significant factor in its student's well-being. Therefore, the school grounds would be protected by scanning handprint as well as eye scanners at the school gate, an intercom, and unquestionably a swipe card.

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First aid in classes would be a must to treat any type of injury. In addition to this, there would be a school's own language Vela which only the school's students, staff and heads talk among themselves. This would ensure that the school's plans for its students do not leak out on any cost. Next in line are the high-tech classrooms which are naturally sound proof to avoid disturbances. Whiteboards would be replaced with the automated screens via which lectures would be delivered. Since time machines would be a measly Invention by then so history periods would be carried out In different time-periods according to he topic being studied.

The same goes for the geography lessons. The school would provide private jets to take the children to mining sites, forestry areas, mountains and so on. Rocket launch pads would be encoded for pupils to be taken on trips to different planets to study the solar system from a primary level. Students comfort would be most Important for the school's administration so a number of measures would be taken to ensure this. They would be provided with pocket PC's and a chance to vote for the teachers who they think are the finest coach for them. In addition to this, students could drop off any subject out of their own will.

An NCR - naughty children robot - would be kept at the school premises which would escort bad children on a translator to the head teacher. Bullies aren't bullies for long, because they have the badness tickled out of them by a tickling engine. Devices such By then, the school would probably be run-on-the-lines-of sky-scraping concepts. So it would have its own currency with which eatables could be bought from a cafeteria. The canteen would have an automatic operating system where students could type heir wants and would be served by robots.

Fountains spouting fizzy drinks would be fitted out near the cafeteria. When it's absolutely pouring with rain, out of the roof would blossom an enormous umbrella and the whole school sort of caves in and moves one floor down into the ground. When it's shining brightly with a hot golden sun, the roof opens out; the cooling mechanism starts to work all by itself and all the windows swing open. In the cool spell of winter, the walls let out a hot, sweet-scented steam which rushes out through hundreds of pipes into the classrooms.

A weather predictor is also activated to predict wet play times. Lastly & most importantly, there would be "Student Promotion Investigator" (SIP) which would replace cumbersome written exams. It would be consisting of a "Hot Chair", equipped with a head gear. Students would be required to sit on it and eventually there heads shall be scanned. This would be done to check whether he is fit for promotion or not. Schools play a significant role in the welfare of the society and that is why they need upgrading on the lines of technology.