Who let the "old hag" pass through the gate not knowing it was the Scarlet Pimpneral escaping with Comtesse de Tournay and two children? What did he tell them so that they could get away?
Bibot. He told them that the people inside had the plague.
Who does Jellyband expect to bring the nobility into his inn that night? Who does Jellyband accuse as being a French spy?
Sir Andrew Ffoulkes. Hampseed and Peppercorn
Who are the Comtesse worried about when the entered the tavern? Why did Ffoulkes tell them not to worry?
Their Father. Ffoukles tells them that the Scarlet Pimpernel and the 19 followers will get him back.
Who is Lady Marguerite Blakney and what did she do that gave her a bad reputation?
The wife of Percy Blakney and also a French Comedic Actress. She denounced Comtesse and his family and sent them to their deaths.
Who is Sir Percy Blakney?
A fopish and foolish husband of Marguerite who is lazy, he is also the Scarlet Pimpernel.
Who does Marguerite go to meet before he leaves for France?
Her brother Armand
How did Percy react when Marguerette told him what she did to de Tournay and his family?
He showed no care for the matter.
Who is Chauvelin? What does Chauvelin ask Marguerite to do? What does she think of the Scarlet Pimpernel?
The French Ambassador that has been ordered to capture and kill the Scarlet Pimpernel. He asks her to help him capture the Scarlet Pimpernel. She admires the idealism and bravery of him.
How is Chauvelin able to force Marguerite into doing what he says? How did he gets this information?
He learns that Armand is a traitor to France. He gets this information by capturing Ffoulkes and Dewhurst at the tavern.
What does Chauvelin tell Marguerite to do? Where were at the time of this meeting?
He told Marguerite that she must go to Lord Grenville's ball. They were at the Opera watching Orpheus
Who does Chauvelin think knows the identity of Scarlet Pimpernel?
The prince of Wales
How does Marguerite able to get the letter from Ffoulkes?
She pretends to faint
What does the note say?
The Scarlet Pimpernel is planning to have a meeting with his agents in Lord Grenville's supper room at 1 o' clock that morning.
When Marguerite gives the information in the letter to Chauvelin what does he do? Who does he find?
he decides to go supper room and wait for the Scarlet Pimpernel. He finds Percy sleeping on the couch.
What does Chauvelin tell Marguerite after the failure of catching the Scarlet Pimpernel?
He tells Marguerite that he will catch in Calais.
What does Marguerite tell Percy after he told him the reason for him being cold hearted about their relationship? What was Percy's reason?
She protests and says she was used by de Tournays's enemies. Percy believed that she was the one that denounced de Tournay and sent him and his family to the guillotine.
What does the letter that Percy gave to Marguerite say?
That he was going on a business trip and then she realized that he was going to save her brother.
What does Marguerite find inside the Percy "inner sanctum"?
She finds a small golden ring bearing sign of the Scarlet Pimpernel.
After getting the letter from Armand what does Marguerite decide to do? Where does she go for help?
Warn Percy about what Chauvelin is going to do. She goes to Ffoulkes house.
After telling Ffoulkes what she has done what does he decide to do?
He tells Marguerite to meet him at The Fisherman's Rest where he will take her to Calais.
What does bad news does Ffoulkes tell Marguerite? What good news does he tell her?
That they cannot set sail across the channel because of the bad weather. Chauvelin also cannot sail across the channel.
After they arrived at Calais they went into Chat Gris and asked the innkeeper, Brogard and asked them if he has seen Percy. What does he tell them
That he is getting a cart and a horse and should be back so dinner.
Why does Ffoulkes tell Marguerite not to see Percy?
Because he saw Chauvelin's ship leave 5 minutes after their ship left for Calais and he also believes that she should have faith in Percy's abilities.
When Chauvelin arrives at Brogard's tavern to meet with his secretary, Desgas. How does he tend to capture the Scarlet Pimpernel?
While the Scarlet Pimpernel is saving Armand and Comte de Tournay.
When Marguerite sees Percy and Chauvelin sitting at a table, what does Percy do to get away from him?
He offers Chauvelin a puff and he takes not knowing it was pepper which made him sneezes and gave Percy the chance to escape.
After Percy escaped who does Desgas bring with him? What information did he have and at what price?
an old Jewish man. He knew that Percy was going to Pere Blanchard's hut and he could take them their for some gold.
When Chauvelin is being taken to Blanchard's hut what does Marguerite see inside the hut?
She spotted a smoke coming from the hut and was worried that Armand and de Tournay were there.
How is Marguerite caught by Chauvelin? How was she threatened?
She was trying to get inside the hut and try to warn her husband not to come. If she were to cry or scream he will give the order to kill Armand, de Tournay, and two others.
After Marguerite screamed, in order to warn Percy, Chauvelin came rushing only to find what? After realizing what has happened, he finds a letter from the Scarlet Pimpernel saying what?
That Armand, de Tournay and the other had escaped, but he has not escaped and will be near the creek opposite of the Chat Gris. (p.s he decides to beat up the jew for failing to bring him the Scarlet Pimpernel.)
When Chauvelin left with his men who was left inside the hut? What did Percy tell him about the first and second letter that Chauvelin would later find. In the end how did Percy and Marguerite escape?
Marguerite and Benjamin Rosenbaum, who was actually Percy in disguise. 1) instruction misleading them to where the prisoners were escaping 2)The actual place where the prisoner had to go to escape. Ffoulkes arrived with the Dream's boat and escaped.
What happened to Chauvelin at the end of the story?