It has Samsung Guru Segment for rural areas as well as Galaxy segment for urban areas. Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones and it shares the highest cell phone customers with Monika In India. It has something for everyone. Urban: - Targeting urban youth with many handsets. - Built in mobile features like 36, wife, GAPS different operating systems. - Price range RSI 1000 and above. Rural: - It has a better brand Image In rural market. - Samsung recently tied up with the Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative.

After segmenting the market based on the different groups and classes, the targets need to be chosen. Samsung mobiles have the following target customers: Trendy young people. Professionals. Large businesses. The common cellular phone users. Organizations such as: services to public safety, the government, and both utility and manufacturing enterprises. Institutional sales for colleges. Target is not only number driven but also about acquiring and retaining customers.

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POSITIONING Positioning is about the customer perception about the brand as being different from he other brands on specific dimension including product attributes. The strategies adopted by Samsung to position itself in the Mobile Phone market are as follows: It focuses more on the real margin which comes from mid-to-high-end segments Samsung Concept Store Market making & category creation in small towns Wider Care Network Access to Samsung care line Pioneering in the 36 segment of mobile phones. Branded itself as a synonym for quality. Created a Unique Brand Image for itself as a high end value driven brand.