Lillian Unguent For the month of September, I completed my community service by being a SPOT, or a Safety Patrol Officer for Achieve Charter Academy. Ms. Fuller was the dean directing the Safety Patrol program. After going through training, I started arriving to school early on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, starting on the 21st of September. I had to be in school by seven forty in the morning; I'd put my books in my locker, sign in at Ms. Fuller's office, get my belt on, and be out at my post by a quarter until eight. My shift ended at ten past eight.

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While doing this, I completed a total of one hundred twenty minutes, or two hours, of community service for my school. My Safety Patrol duty was at the primary crosswalk. My task was simple; rudimentary, even. I had to watch for the cross guard's signal for when it was safe for the pedestrians to cross. I'd gesture with my arms in a windmill motion to signal to them to cross swiftly and carefully. When it wasn't safe for them to cross, I'd then block them off by standing with my feet spread apart and my arms at my sides. It was nice to get the occasional hank you from those waiting to cross.

Being a Safety Patrol Officer was, in my opinion, a good experience for me. I learned many skills while completing this act of community service. While being a Safety Patrol Officer, I gained many skills. I was told to stay cautious; to look and listen for signals from the crossing guard for when I should let the pedestrians cross. Leadership skills were also needed to be a Safety Patrol Officer, and I learned on the Job how to direct and keep people safe. Wisdom is "the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good Judgment", according to the oxford dictionary.

I believe I showed all of these qualities while being a Safety Patrol Officer. I showed knowledge by being smart and doing what I was told; by using common sense and logic to keep others safe. Good Judgment came into play when I stayed cautious, not Just looking for the crossing guards' signals, but to watch for incoming vehicles as well. I also used my past experience of crossing roads and watching for signals to help direct pedestrians across the street. Being a Safety Patrol Officer was a fun and educational experience for me.

I had made acquaintances with the other Safety Patrol Officers in fifth and seventh grades. Skills that I will use for the rest of my life - leadership skills, cautiousness, being observant - were earned while I helped keep others safe. It was a win-win situation, I suppose. I contributed to the community by helping keep others safe while crossing the road, and I earned many skills whilst doing so. Therefore, I think that being a Safety Patrol Officer was a great was for me to play a role in my community. Safety Patrol Officer Community Service Paper By Greenmailing