In a paragraph name the major events that took place in Chapter 6 and 7.
Cassie tells Uncle Hammer about her experience with racism in Strawberry, MS. Cassie finds out that white people think they're better than blacks because of the color of their skin. Uncle Hammer gets mad after Cassie shares her story and Mr. Morrison has to keep him from doing something rash. Mr. Jamison decide to help the black people buy their food and supplies in Vicksburg. Big Ma gives her land to Papa and Uncle Hammer to keep Mr. Granger from stealing it. The boycott of the Wallace's store begins.
Who does Cassie and Stacey thinks car is in the barn? Who does the car belong to?
They think the car is Mr. Granger's car, but it's Uncle Hammer's.
Why does Mr. Morrison go after Uncle Hammer?
He went to talk him out of doing anything rash or unpleasant to Mr. Sims.
How does Mama explain Mr. Sims Behavior to Cassie?
She tells Cassie that whites had to believe that the slaves were not people to enslave them. After slaves were freed, people like Mr. Simms had to hold on to that belief because they had little else to hold on to.
How does T.J. trick Stacey into giving him the new coat?
T.J. made fun of Stacey's new coat until Stacey gave it to him. He told him it looks like it belongs to a fat preacher.
What does the Logan family eat for their Christmas dinner?
They had sweet potato pies, egg custard pies, buteer pound cakes, coon, yams, ham and roasted peanuts after supper.
What happens to the Logan family one Christmas when he was six years old?
His parents were killed by night men on Christmas, because a white woman accused their neighbors of "molesting" her. His mother threw him out of the house to save him.
Why do you think the Logan children were so excited to receive the books they received on Christmas?
Each child has his very own new book and most children only had a bible in their home. At school they received books in very poor condition from the whites.
Why does Jeremy bring over nuts to the Logan family for Christmas and Stacey a flute?
He does this as an effort to befriend the Logans especially Stacey.
Why does Mr. Jamison decide to help the black people buy their food and supplies in Vicksburg?
He does not want to see the Logans use their land as collateral for the credit and lose it. He also thinks differently about the race problems in Mississippi and wants people to be treated equally.