Over the course of his long career he achieved a level of fame and popularity that few poets other have seen and his works continue to have an impact on readers today. He loved the New England countryside and lived there for many years. The New England countryside is his primary subject, there are many different things to be heard and seen and experienced In this region. He was born in San Francisco but after his father's death when he was eleven the family moved to New England. It was in high school that he became interested in reading and writing, and although he attended both Dartmouth and Harvard he ever earned a formal degree.

Frost married and had four children. He wanted to write poetry, but also needed to earn money to support his family. HIS grandfather agreed to buy him a farm If Frost would work the farm for 10 years. During the day, he did chores associated with the farm. At night, he wrote poetry. After 10 years he sold the farm and moved his family to England where he took 30 poems to a publisher in London. In 1913 the publisher accepted the poems he had written and published them as a book. Frost returned to the United States in 1915 where he lived ND taught for many years In Massachusetts and Vermont, then died In Boston on January 29, 1963.

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In Frost's poem, "Design" he poses very simple yet deep questions about the nature and existence of God. In the western culture the color white is symbolic of purity, goodness, and mostly innocence. He describes the spider as being "dimpled, fat and white," Just like an innocent newborn baby. The moth's wings are described as being like a "white piece of rigid satin cloth," similar to a brides gown. The speaker wonders owe the coincidence of a white spider, and a white moth on a white flower happened.

In the closing the speaker suggests two answers to the coincidence. One being that there is something evil at work and has created a "design of darkness to appall. " Some have theorized this line suggests "Satan is delighting in the blasphemy of clothing a scene of destruction in the color of innocence and purity. " The Second answer is that there is no higher being, or not one that cares about something so minute. The "design of darkness" can only exist If "design govern In a thing so small," new that there was a logical explanation for this coincidence.

That explanation being that the "design" at work is merely the order of nature, not a "design of darkness" It is very apparent to me that Robert Frost was an observer and a deep thinker who really loved to dig into the wonders of nature and of humanity. In "The Road Not Taken" Frost explores the wonder of the decisions we are forced to make throughout our lifetime. Why each person ends up where they are today is really all because of the coincidental choices they make along the road of life. Both poems really bring out an emotion in the reader.

The poems allow the reader to take a moment and think about life, about the path taken, and about the things that are out of our control, but always have a way of working themselves out. Robert Frost's amazing view on life and on nature is shown through his poetry His Poetry gives readers a chance to think about more than Just the obvious, it places value on the hidden irony of simple decisions and situations in life. It is no wonder that his poems are still read and studied in classrooms and homes across the globe.