There are people who can talk sensibly about a controversial issue; they're called humorists. "Allen De Button states that" the chief aim of humorists is not merely to entertain but 'to convey with impunity messages that might be dangerous or impossible to state directly'" I agree with his opinion. Humorists are entertainers; even before written history they have always been essential to society. Comedians such as Chris Rock, have never been and are praised or their entertainment.

Humanity has standers, where a person with high expectations in society cannot say personal comments due to their status in the social order. Nevertheless, humorists are allow to say anything they can and without any consequences. This idea allows comedians to speak out and say what they please with impunity messages. These comedians who speak their word are found hilarious since they speak truth that we as a society can not say or we would be shun by our classes. Furthermore, humorist's shows such as Toss.

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Or even Silent Library aren't a threat to civilization or any political figure. They are the Jesters of society. These shows help alleviate the amount of stress an individual contains from their hassles in life. They also help to maintain balance in society by providing decent enjoyment and relaxation. Humorist's impunity messages are not always sympathetic but they still catch the audience attention by providing unnecessary attention to themselves and others as entertainment. Furthermore humorists are informers; even since the Dark Ages they have been essential to provide information.

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Humorists such as Stephen Collect, from The Collect Report, provide knowledge from the insight of politicians. He plays a major part in society not only by providing decent humor but also having information about congress and their actions. This allows us to be informed in any changes in society such as rules, performance, or even contradiction between senates. Other humorists such as Aaron Corking, writer for The Newsroom, put out realistic circumstances that imitate scenarios of real political backlash.

Even the Jesters the one who entertained the monarchy, was able to get insight information and spread the word to the rest of the community in different methods in which society found entertaining. Going farther back in time to the ancient Greeks, who were able to perform plays and mock the hierarchy and give the audience a sense of reality towards their class. Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show, is non the less a humorist in which draws its comedy from news stories, political figures, and even media organizations in which he is able o provide significant facts and data and turn it into comedy without changing its true form.

Nevertheless, humorists are bullies, clowns, and even wise crackers. They Justify every scenario and detail yet, they somehow provide laughter and are still able to inform us on political affairs which are hidden behind the closed curtains. They also find a way to entertain and speak without impunity. Humorists contain a vital role of society, they demonstrate free will meanwhile keeping us inform and providing essential humor to relieve our stress from society.