The article Notes of a Native Speaker by Eric Liu defines the several characteristics that make a person belong to a certain religious, ethnic, racial or age group. These characteristics include the lifestyle an individual leads, ambitions, attitudes towards life and its change, religious background and social relationships. One has an opportunity to decide what ethnic, racial, religious or age groups he/she would like to be associated with. In the past century, a person’s racial or ethnic group was defined by color and cultural beliefs. Today, one’s racial or ethnic group is mostly defined how he/she chooses to be associated with.

According to Eric Liu’s article, I can belong to all races and ethnic groups regardless of my place of birth and color of skin. The lifestyle I live is the most important factor in this situation. Most of the activities I enjoy doing such as listening to national public radio and furnishing my condo a la Crate and Barrel define me. I eat simple meals and wear only suede bucks. I live above average because I work hard to have all that I own. In my world, I do not give in because I can achieve anything and live any kind of lifestyle I desire. I embrace change because it can bring better opportunities. My friends are those who dream and face risks because they will impart me positively.

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I aspire whiteness in the same way as I long for achieving success by hard work. Through my past is cruel and full of tough experiences, I have learnt to take risks and overcome fear by learning and interacting with people around me. Spiritual activities like singing and praying give purpose and direction to my life. My age group is uncertain because I love to associate myself with people from different age groups, teach younger and learn from older than I am. My lifestyle makes me white, my attitudes make me black, my spiritual beliefs make me religious and, finally, my social relationships make me a teenager.