Reservoir Dogs 2 Reservoir Dogs "I don't give a fuck what you know or don't know, but I'm gonna torture you anyway, regardless. Not to get information. It's so amusing for me to torture a cop. All you can do is pray for a quick death, which you aint gonna get." Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs, 1992 This guy was the most twisted and sickly perverted guy in the whole movie.

He had no reservations about killing people. He was brutal. He loved torture and death. By his own admission he liked to see the peoples' expressions when they died. He was totally ruthless. He had no conscience.

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I can't really explain why I liked this character so much. I don't EVER want to be like him or do the things he did. There was just something attractive about all his negative personality traits. Before he really starts getting into torturing the cop, he casually turns on the radio as if he needed some music to accompany the grizzly acts he was about to commit. He was a man who insisted on having total control. He liked controlling situations and people. When they were in the jewelry store he advised the employees not to hit the alarm.

When they did, he started killing them. This was his way of regaining control of the situation. At the same time he was acting out this concept, he was actually totally out of control. He went fucking crazy in the store. He slaughtered the people lined up in the store like he was shooting clay ducks in a local carnival shooting gallery.

I know this is a contradiction, but Mr. Blonde was a contradiction of himself. He had double standards. He hated the cop just because he was a cop. He didn't recognize him as a real person. Mr.

Pink and Mr. White confirm this at the warehouse when they discuss him shooting REAL people, which cops are not. They say he just went crazy. They seemed to fear his craziness. His calm facade was a cover for the monstrous things he did to people.

When he was in the warehouse with the hostage cop and Mr. Orange he appeared to be very calm. He sat smoking a cigarette while Pink and White argued over the chain of events. He wasn't calm. He couldn't wait to start torturing the hostage cop. You could see it in his face when Pink and White left.

He almost looked like a kid left alone to tend a candy store. He was up and going the second they left. He was oh so gruesomely true to his belief that cops weren't people that he begins to prove this through his torture "techniques". He treats the cop like an object as opposed to a human being. He slashes off his ear and speaks into it like it was a play phone. He dances over to the gas can, swirls around the warehouse floor and soaks the guy in gas.

He taunts the man by lighting a cigarette and holding it over the puddle of gas. This was a thrilling game to him. He wanted to see this man suffer before he finally died. He was also true to his fellow thugs. When everyone else was panicking, he remained cool. He insisted they stick to their original the end.

He told them he had spoken to Nice Guy Eddie and everything was to be done according to the original plan. Mr. Blonde was a messed up dude. His whole personality was a contradiction. Maybe that's why he was so hypnotizing. His bizarre behavior and calm facade made for a very unique character.