This research mainly concentrates on the representation of terrorism in media. Reports about terrorist activities is very important, these reports plays important role in creating attitudes towards the terrorism. The following questions are to be asked in this research. Is media represents terrorism in exact manner? Any misinterpretations take place. Why the imperialist powers try to impose terrorism on Islam.

Why media relates terrorism with Islam, is there any hidden agenda behind that. What is meant by the word ‘JIHADH’? how terrorist interprets the meaning of this word. Is there any relation between terrorism and Islam? How they attract new generation to such activities. AIMS & OBJECTIVES The research deals with the representation of terrorism in media and its relation with Islam. The main aim of the research is to critically analyse the way in which media portrays terrorism. To make findings about how the media represents the terrorism, to make a clear idea about Islam and terrorism and how it differs.

What are the intentions behind terrorism and who stands behind the terrorists, any political organisations or governing bodies have any relation with the terrorists. Another aim is to give a proper idea about terrorism to the public and make them aware of the consequences of it. The terrorists try to recruit youth to such activities by trapping them through giving money and other facilities. So make them aware of such activities are also comes under the objectives of this research. RESEARCH CONTEXT Nowadays terrorism is an international issue, most of the countries are facing this problem by domestically and internationally.

So the topic is very relevant in this period. After the 9/11 attack terrorism stroked more attention, it became a serious issue. Number of similar research was done by different person. RESEARCH METHODS The research deals with the representation of terrorism in media and its relation with Islam. So the problem to be discussed is media related. How the media portrayed terrorism. The research questions indicate to the content provided by the media. This content is the key factor behind formation of public opinion. TEXT ANALYSIS Content analysis is the first method used in this research.

Content means, what is said to the audience and it is very important. First analyses the objective of the report, which means what is aimed by writing the report, it may be positive or negative. Order of the report is important. it is created the arrangement of events. Then quantity of the report, here checks whether the report is quantitative or not and this is a key factor. Here analyses the published content of mainstream magazines and collecting of the content comes first. For that magazine copies are needed, collect magazines from libraries and press.

By using this method number of point of view about one issue will be available. Each of the content will be different; it will depend on the policy of the magazine, the reporter’s view point. The process of understanding becomes much easier. VISUAL ANALYSIS Visual analysis is the way of analysing visual or images. Here the broadcasted videos and printed images were analysed. In visual analysis context is very important. It creates meaning to an image. Visuals are more important than text; it is much more believable source of information.

Visuals are analysed in detailed manner to get any link with the research topic. FOCUS GROUP Next research method going to use is focus group. It is a very important research method. It is a very practical way of analysing. Here individuals directly say their opinion and they argues with each other. Here three focus groups are used. First one is a group of ordinary people with proper reading habit. Second one is a group of people without reading habit and third one is a group of professionals or reporters. The first one is a group of people with reading habit.

In this group couple of questions is discussed like whether the reports states the fact, how these reports influence their opinion forming process, what is their view about terrorism, what is the intention behind such activity , who stands behind the terrorists according to their opinion. Whether they think there is any relation between terrorism and Islam. Discuss a recent and important report published about terrorism and analyses its quality. The discussion and answers to the questions will be recorded and analyses in detailed manner.

The second group is of ordinary people without proper reading habit. The same process is applied but some other questions also included. Mainly the questions are how they form their opinion about one issue, how do they get aware of latest issues, what is their opinion about terrorist activities and how they see such events and what is their intention. The whole discussion will be recorded and make detailed study and compare the results with the previous one. The third one is a group of professional reporters and critics. Here different reports about terrorist activity are discussed.

By the participation of critics each and every report should be analysed in detailed manner. The questions which is asked and discussed will be different when compared to the previous groups. The questions are; whether the media gives exact representation to terrorism, any manipulation or misinterpretations were taking place. Whether political bodies makes influence behind the reports. Is there any connection between Islam and terrorism, why Islam is used as a covering material to terrorism? Why the imperialist powers are trying to impose terrorism on Islam.

These questions will be discussed and examined thoroughly. Very relevant convictions will be pointed out from this discussion. INTERVIEW Next research method used in this research. Here a Islamic scholar is interviewed on the basis of how terrorism affects Islam. The person interviewed is SADIQ KHOKHAR, administrator of UK ISLAMIC FOUNDATION. the questions which is asked is, why the imperialistic powers try to impose terrorism on Islam and what is the motive behind that. What is meant by the word ‘JIHAD’? Usually terrorist interprets this word in a wrong way.

Is there any relation between Islam and terrorism? The religion encourages or discourages terrorism. RESOURCES AND LOGISTICS For applying the research methods practically there are some resources are needed. For doing the text and visual analysis, copies of magazine, news papers, journals and video clips were essential. The way of getting the material is buying or hiring. Old copies of newspapers and journals will be available in the libraries and archives. So library visits are essential. For arranging group discussions proper planning is needed.

Arrange the basic facilities like hiring room. Fixing the availability of invited guests, preparing questions to be discussed, this is a important factor because these questions will make the discussion much more live and effective. Make the arrangement for covering the discussion for making detailed analysis. Finally arrange the necessary items for providing refreshment for the guests. For conducting the interview with the administrator