Rescind the intelligence property right It is a nuisance to stroll in the pedestrian street with a wide range of products and shops in Sheehan, where is hot and crowded with a multitude of consumers. Most of them are Industrious and earthy factory labors, working hard every day to finish their grueling tasks and saving every penny through every aspect of their lives. When shopping, budget will always come to be their priority--those products which are at low-cost but with good quality are appealing to them most. Sheehan thereby is the reflect place for them to follow fashion at least cost.

Sheehan is the origin place of the "Shanghai" culture, which literally means "mountain fortress" and Implies banditry and lack of state control, refers to China's vast array of name-brand knockoffs. ( Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Rebellion in China) "Shanghai" can also be stretched to refer to people who are look-alike, low-quality or improved goods, as well as things done In parody. In Sheehan, those imitations, pirated brands and goods possess large prevalence, particularly electronics. I have brought this to my mom when traipsing around with my friend, an electronic fanatic, in Sheehan.

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Entering into the electronics mall, I saw a stupendous multitude of similar product in name-brand knockoff shop. Next to Samsung and Sony are Samson and Suny. I also found Allophone, Hipbone, Cacophonies and the deliberately misspelled citrus-themed Organ there. What is more astonishing, in a place less than 500 square meters, there were more than five stores purporting themselves to be official Apple stores. Besides electronics filed, the copycat phenomenon had already expanded to other lied of business, commercial and even architecture.

Hustling and busting on the street, people were tying at Blackberry, putting their Beet headphone on, lining up for Pizza-Huh, and of course, there were many of other domestic and exotic restaurants catering for various taste and satisfying every customer's need, such as KC, Subdued, Sunburns and McDonald's. In clothing retail store like Make, Pump, Jean Jack, Poll- ala and AN MAIN, the faddish designed shirts, pants and other accessories were being displayed in their showcases. I believe there are countless brands like The

North Face, Bose, and Microsoft who have had their designs and products duplicated and sold on the Chinese market. It Is estimated that about 80% of software and DVD's in China are pirated. (The unearthing of China's Copy-Cat Culture) However, most of these rip off brand are facing potential risk of lawsuit from the origin brand, for the infringement of intellectual property, logo, brand name and so on. This danger, to some extent, will somehow hinder them from mass manufacture and developing, at times; will cost imponderable loss no matter on the image of the brand or the sales volume.

For example, the well-known Chinese sport-wear brand Divan , annual profit of which reach 110,000,000 ARM in 2012, was accused of his identical triangle logo and Chinese Trademark with At last Aids won and Divan Is no longer entitled to keep his logo and Chinese trademark. I believe this Is a nonsense charge, for Divan provides consumer with cheap and good quality 1 OFF wrong with that freakier similar logo and Chinese trademark? What's wrong with this god damn society?

The result of this case will take endless time to sink in, and it reflected disconcertingly considerable disrespect to entrepreneurship, which can only flourishingly prosper in the environment of sufficient economic freedom. As a sincere citizen who is willing to address himself to fight for what is righteous, I strongly recommend the whole society should take this inexplicable and intolerant result into serious consideration. In order to eliminate the possibility of entangling in lawsuit with original brand, many have come up with brilliant ideas about changing the grave situation.

As to my own part, having conjured up a great deal of feasible methods upon this subject and maturely weigh others, I have finally made my mind n one, the one I deem is the most effective and enable to bring about instant effect. My intention on this propose is far from being confined to only secure the survival of Shanghai brand, but ensure the freedom of copy, duplicate and imitated brand set- up and provide shortcut for more people to make quick buck without creativity and idea.

Now, I shall therefore put forward my proposal, which I hope will be subjected to least objection-- rescind the intelligence property right. Please, allow me to list several reasons that I think will reinforce people's support to Shanghai brand and Lully convince those who put veto. Firstly, it is so obvious that those Shanghai brand sell product in much lower price. That's to say people can follow the fashion and enjoy high-end electronics at a more decent price, which is of great benefit to migrant workers.

When asked about the reason behind its cheapness, since no one have to worry about the property right infringement, those Shanghai brand will be proud to pronounce that, unlike many of other famous brand, setting aside large budget on researching and developing technology, creative design is the most effortless and easiest part in the process of production. That is mostly because we steal technology from other brand, copying and duplicating.

After assembling the each tiny parts and components together, adding our logos on, they become profitable brand new gadgets. How bad can it be to produce copies of high-tech gadgets that are cheap enough for migrant workers to be able to afford them but also fashionable enough for young professionals. Furthermore, this smart way of production is especially lucrative in the luxurious brand field and the process is much easier. Someone, who works in the world famous brand factory, tucks away the sign and photos on a computer in a smoky factory basement.

With internet access and some Photos skills anyone can copy and paste, mix and match and tweak a pre-existing design and turn it into their own products. Under this copy production system, not only does it save producer's money but also the customers'. Kill two birds with one stone. What a genius idea! Secondly, this proposal will extraordinarily boost the economy to the local and make valuable contribution to the country's GAP. Thanks to the abolishment, people start to realize this copy producing system will come an available and legitimate way to make quick buck.

Considering the high unemployment rate nowadays, setting up own business, especially Shanghai brand, seems to be an ideal way to make a livelihood. Besides, the national education department has been consistently advocating the undergraduates to set up own business. I believe this is a wonderful opportunity for every man to carve out their than establishing Shanghai brand to solve the problem of employment. With the spring-up of Shanghai brand, a large number of labors will be recruited, reducing the ate of unemployment. What's more, 1. 5 billion cell phones were sold worldwide in 2007, and according to data provided by the Chinese government, 150 million "Shanghai" cell phones were sold in the same year, thus making up more than one tenth of the global sales. In 2010 Shanghai phones accounted for about 20 per cent of the global 26 mobile market. (Bandit phone king has the last laugh) Without the property right, this number will definitely soar in the coming year. Thirdly, cultural integration will be promoted and it broadens people's horizon by combining foreign ultra with domestic and introducing various exotic culture into China.

For instance, a small vocational village in Austria has been cloned by Hough city in the southern China. With its soaring church spire, pastel-colored chalets and splendid lakeside location, Hallstead looks every inch a picture-postcard alpine town - a place that echoes with the sound of cowbells and widening, every window box overflowing with edelweiss. (What China's copycat culture means for architecture) This copycat village in Hough is an excellent example of perfect cultural integration.

It is also said that he Hallstead mayor was over the moon and signed up to a cultural exchange with his town's new twin. With this cultural promotion, the amount of tourists from China to Hallstead Jumped from 50 to 1000 per year. (What China's copycat culture means for architecture) At the same time, by cloning other culture element and revising it to be more Chinese-way-of living, we could save a lot of time on arguing which design is better. Instead of racking our brain to create, the diversity of world culture has offered us a lot of fascinating example to follow.

In some days, I believe Chinese overspent will receive award from the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) for the great contribution in culture. Many other advantages might be enumerated. For example, without intelligence property right, Shanghai will become a world-wide Chinese culture with the cheap knock-off products sold all around the world, thus enhancing Chinese soft power; the spirit rooted inside Shanghai culture positively conforms to that in Chinese education system, which promotes copying and does not encourage creativity. But this and many others I omit, being studious of brevity.

To respond other critics such as rescinding intelligence property right will stifle genuine creativity, hamper the survival of Chinese original label and their struggle to come up with unique value and brand position and westernizes China, I would claim that we are now in a society that values immediate gratification and money more than anything. Creativity is far from being able to satisfy human beings need. We should discard this fallacious and stereotyped point of view. I sincerely come up with this proposal, at the bottom of my heart, to strive for freedom of business and the right to copy.