Series Klan Was in office in the morning. Drop some cheeses to account department. Later visited with Mr. LOL Ace Printing to deliver ink and drop by to Printmaker and UP Preprint. Later in the afternoon I visited Saber Printer, Drawback, Planar, Alliance, Fastball, Sing Graphic, Loyal Form and Pineapple Design. Printmaker and Alliance - Both customers at the moment are using our VS.-2000 process ink which is actually MS process ink.

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Informed them that their next order we will be supplying MS process ink and assured them that the ink quality is same. These will help store personal sometime from changing the labels. 14. 8. 13 Area: Balking/Gardens/Pouching Visited the following customers:- Get Ye, Strikebreaker, Dream Art, QPS, Jonathan, Guan Press, Sing, GE, Swiss Plastic and Academe Art. Dream Art and Jonathan - Took orders. Sing Printing - Commented on our Matt POP yellowing after printing.

Requested us o check and give feedback. Swiss Plastic - Still interested in our ink due to price reasons they have switch to Intercede Toy ink. Requested to revise our price. 15. 8. 13 Area: Salk South/Put/Brickfield/Bath Caves Visited following customers:- New Oscar, Napoleon, Capital, SETI, Toying, Valley, Languages, Color Graphic and Kidding. Valley - Return some ink for modification. Languages - Requested us if we can supply the varnish, Lacquer and reducer for their aluminum plate.

Color Graphic - Met Mr. Mandrake to finalist our ACT plastic prices. He ordered two types (1030 x 770) 5 boxes and 450 x 370- 1 box 16. 08. 13 Area: Cubans Jay Was in office in the morning dropped some queue to accounts department. Met Mr. See to discuss on the modification ink from Valley and Languages. Had discussion with Mr. Off. Later visited Slog, met up with Mr. Shook to follow up on our quotation and requested for his support. Thank you Daniel M Report Writing By addenda