Fisher 1 Jacki Fisher English 3 January 25, 2011 The place where I am from I come from two worlds; one of fantasies and adventures, and another of reality and life. Throughout my life I have always loved books; I have always thought that the books that I read put me in a different world. Throughout my life I have graduated from Dr. Seuss books, to the Captain Underpants Series, to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. These books have shaped have shaped my personality and the dreams I am still chasing today.

The other world that I live in would be the world of reality, whether I was with my family or my friends they have always reminded me of my dreams and ambitions there to help me with whatever I needed. Growing up I always thought to myself, I wish I was older, but now that I am older I keep wishing I was younger. Along with growth comes change. My life had changed in many aspects, from the books that I read to the dreams that I form. The books that I have read had taught me that in order to achieve your dreams you have to forget about the past, remain in the present and continue to think about the future.

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Reading these books have temporarily taken me out of my world and placed me along side with the cunning thieves, and heroic maidens. I have the invincible feeling that no matter what I want to do it will be possible. They have taught me that you need to form realistic dreams, but to never be afraid to expand once you reach them. Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to be a veterinarian and to attend UC Davis, as I grew up the books Fisher 2 that I have read gave me the confidence and the drive I needed to continue with my dreams.

Without this drive I would have never formed the dreams that I have and I would not have accomplished all the things that I have already. Thinking into the future I can not help but smile, because I know that with all the support I have I will be able to get anywhere. The people that I live with and grew up with have also helped form those dreams and ambitions. My parents, my twin towers that allow me to stand, have always supported every ambition and quest I have ever set out to achieve. They have always been honest to me, always letting me know when I was getting to crazy with my thoughts.

They have always encouraged me even if I was the last person to finish. Without my parents I would be no where near where I am now. My two best friends, Kyndra and Taylor, are irreplaceable. They have always been there when I was sad or down, but most importantly they have always been there for me even when they did not completely believe that I could achieve the task at hand. They give constructive criticism without tearing me down, they have helped branch out my dreams and accomplish ambitions that I have set for myself.

These four people in my life have taught me and helped me more than any teacher I have ever had and more than any one will. These two influences work together by forming a book, with vivid characters, in my mind. These stories and people have challenged my mind with every waking moment of life. Without these influences my dreams would be crushed from the reality and the world in which we live. There is no denying that times have changed throughout the decades, but with the everlasting support from my friends and family I will never fall Fisher 3 hort to my dreams. It goes without saying that with growth comes responsibility, but not that change is necessary for growth. Without change you will never know when you have transformed from a child to a young adult. This change and the process of this change will shape the person you will be when you get older. It will shape your dreams and ambitions, but it is up to you to remain true to those dreams and ambitions. Reflective Essay Jaclyn Fisher Pd. 2 1/25/11 Mrs. Wallace Word Count: 547