Teeter Dunlap Focus Paper 3 & 4 Reflection Paper After doing some research on high and low context communication I found a much better explanation in the differences. While I share qualities of both, as I'm sure most people do, I found that I am definitely a high context communicator. Just in the ways that I think and relate things it Just made a lot of sense. I tend to relate a lot of the things I see and hear with other things and I do it all the time. Always looking for a connection is Just something I developed over time.

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I tend to Joke around a lot but my Jokes tend to fail with people that don't have an understanding of me. When I talk to people I tend to notice body language and facial expressions and such quite a bit. I am a firm believer in the fact that there is a ton more to communication than Just words. I actually prefer face to face as opposed to text based communication. Trust is probably the single most important thing when it comes to any type of relationship I have. All of my friends know that too.

I definitely prefer to be in groups over one on ones. When it comes to learning about things such as people, schooling, work, or anything really I prefer to have a demonstration before I do it myself. As far as that goes though, I share qualities from both high and low context. It's better that I learn something the correct way and that I learn it efficiently but how I learn it makes a huge impact at how well I use the knowledge. I like to make sure that I'm doing it correctly.

However the strange thing is that I don't feel that I belong to any particular group or specific culture. I'm not one to hold on to traditions and I try to be more independent than rely on group relations. I definitely have low context though as well. Just not as dominantly. I leave it up to people to figure me out, but all of my information is public and if they ask I will tell anything. I try to stay true to doing tasks the correct way and try not to "cut corners. I also tend to be more individualized and focused on who I am as a person as opposed to who I am in society. I tend to be fairly direct. I find myself explaining myself a lot and in depth to get my point across because people often get the wrong impression. "High Context vs.. Low Context Communication. "hubcap's. Com/. Copyright 0 2013 Hubcap's Inc. And respective owners.. Web. 29 May 2013. <http:// mystery. hubcap's. Com/hub/High-Context-vs.-Low-Context-Communication;. Reflection Paper on High vs. Low Context Communication By Darkie