The Important part of the simulation assignment Is what you have learned from It. As such you will be required to reflect on the decisions you made and the outcomes. Some questions to help you structure and undertake this task are listed below, this is not an exhaustive list as they may be something in your experience that you feel is more important. You must provide rational for your decisions with reference to theory and explain what you would do differently next time.

Some questions to guide your reflection 1. How did you develop your overall strategy? 2. What were your objectives? 3. Did you focus on any particular segment or ignore any? 4. How did you position your product? 5. What was the link between your actions and M's short-term and long-term performance? 6. How did you manage competitive forces? 7. How did your pricing strategy work? 8. Did you have issues with budgetary restrictions and how did you overcome them? 9. Was the market research useful for your decision making? 10. How did you manage channel conflict?

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