My Reading History
If one were to look at my varied reading habits, they would be struck by the diversity and over all unusualness of my minds library. I hardly remember the plot of the first book I read, but it was called Lonesome Dove. It wasnt the actual first book I read, but I dont really count the McGregor Readers from kindergarten. I read it in first grade because of my Grandmothers fascination in the T.V. mini-series that was playing during the time. I wanted to be able to talk to her about it so I went to the public library that weekend and picked up a copy. Well, I actually didnt pick it up, it was too heavy. It took me over two and a half months to read, but with the help of a dictionary and my grandma, I finally read it from cover to cover. I cant really say that I understood it, because I dont recall what it was about. But I do remember that it was quite an ordeal. Since then I have read many books. I enjoy fiction the best, especially those that are based on society, but have a small twist that leads to an interesting story. Some of the stories that I remember best from that early time in my life are Tales from Wayside Elementary School, Hatchet, The Godfather, and The Giver. I think that Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen, is the only book that Ive read more than once. I liked the situation that Brian was put into, lost in the wilderness, with nothing more to fend for himself with than his mind and a trusty hatchet. The adversity he faces and his undying drive are what fascinated me most. Since that time my reading habits have grown into a different style. I have usually only read what was assigned to me during the school year because that was all I had time to do, but I have always strived to put forth extra effort. For example: last year for English 3 AP we had to read an excerpt from Benjamin Franklins Autobiography. Although that we only had to read a small bit, I checked the entire book from the college library and read it all. Although the way that Franklin rambled on and on about his Franklin Planner was somewhat boring, the way he describe his life was pure poetry. The most recent literature that I have read is The Count of Monte Crisco, Hannibal, The Scarlet Letter, The Great Gatsby, Othello, and Cyrano Debergerac. My favorite book thus far is Cyrano. It was magnificent. Its the kind of favorite book that I would enjoy reading over and over (if I had the time at the present I would). A book that I like, but dont want to read over and over, so as not to ruin the experience, is Cold Mountain. Although I would probably get more out of it, I dont want to change my first reading of it. In future years I hope that my reading will become more diverse as I continue to take English courses in college.
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