Remarkable Smiles (Nowelyn S. Reazol) “Being a child happens only once”. It was the stage of life that I or most of us want to go back. The stage of plays, innocent mind, problem free, young and carefree. I was once a child and the event that I’m always looking forward every year is Christmas. Every Christmas, I received gifts from my parents and godparents. I wished then that everyday will be Christmas so that I’ll be able to receive many gifts.

It was amusing to reminisce those years, the years of receiving and happiness that filled my young heart. In the present years, it is not only the years of receiving gifts, but also GIVING. It was proven when the first year students of AB English organized an outreach program (Adopt-a-Child) held last December 17, 2011. We gathered children from San Pedro, Jaro and brought them to WVSU threshold. There, we let them feel the joys and happiness of early Christmas. The said activity was successfully done.

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I personally witnessed the children’s happy faces with the age range from 5-7 years old. I heard their sweet laughter and saw their cute smiles when they first arrived at school. I had a great pleasure joining them when the games started. The intense fun was felt not only by the “adopted” children but also by the students who facilitated the outreach. Their crispy laughter was evident of their enjoyment when we tour them to SM Iloilo and bought them snacks to ease their grumbling stomachs.

Happiness is in the air- happiness was seen in their faces until the clock says our time is over and we need to return them to their respective parents. When we gave them gifts, their wide smiles and sparkling eyes was instilled in my mind because it was heart soothing seeing them that exalted. It was a tiring day activity. Though it ended joyously, some of the facilitators were pissed off and some of them were exasperated because of the hard-headed and naughty kid assigned to them. But it was their nature to be like that.

Patience is really a virtue that time and you need it to tag along to those little children. If you haven’t possessed patience, you will really be annoyed and want them to throw away to outer space (literally speaking). After all, I believe that Christmas is for children. The activity was organized to give joys to them but it was us who felt e4xtreme happiness. The children’s smiles will be painted in my mind and will be remain forever. The activity was a remedy for my heart longing to be child again.