tremulous fear, alarm, or agitation; perturbation
living or occurirng during the same period of time
to receive or obtain from a source of origin
keenly distressing to the feelings
directed back on itself
When did Rachel Bella Kahn Calof write her story?
When did she come to America?
How many years did she spend in Devils Lake, North Dakota?
Jewish (Yiddish)
What language did she write the story in?
Molly Shaw and Jacob Calof
What two people made it possible for us to read Rachel Calof''s story?
the protection of an organ or part through the lining of the cavity in which it is normally situated, especially the protrusion of intestine through the front wall of the abdominal cavity. It is caused by muscular strain
a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics
a metal urn, used especially by Russians for making tea
money, goods, or estate that a wife brings to her husband at marriage
an authorized slaughterer of animals according to Kosher Law
the owner or holder of a homestead
Older brother, Younger sister, baby brother
how many other siblings did she have and were they younger or older?
did things get better when her father remarried
Older brother worked at a sack store, younger sister set to work, younger brother unable to work
What happened to each child after the stepmother left?
her aunt
Where did Rachel go when she was 17 years old
inferior trades
occupations that included being a butcher, tailor, shoemaker, or musician. Those engaged in such work were socially unacceptable
she was a religious leader of a local Orthodox community
What was so significant about being "the granddaughter of Eda Velvel Cohen"?
his ship sunk
what does Rachel find out about her father?
to test her patience and good nature; tangled yarn
Why does Chaya test Rachel and what kind of test does she give?
she never say any of her siblings again
What happens to her siblings when she leaves?
Ellis Island
before she could go into America, where did Rachel have to go to be checked medically and wait until Abraham identified her?
Kalov family
What family does Abraham have in America?
disliked them instantly
What is Rachel's first impression of Abraham's family?
she brought light to the shack
What is Rachel able to make to the delight of everyone?
flour sack and huppah
Describe some of the different events that happened at Rachel's wedding
Abe's father, mother, brother, 24 chickens, and a calf
Since winter was coming the Calof's had to share the one-room house with who and what?
water supply, dried-out supply, wild garlic, wild mushrooms
What food stuff does Rachel find on the prarie
filled the crack in the walls and ceiling with clay
How does Rachel improve the appearance of her home?
What is the name of Rachel and Abraham's first child?
Abraham's niece
Who helped Rachel get over her fears for herself and her child?
because of the dirty condition of her house
That winter, with tension and no privacy, why does Abraham say that he should divorce Rachel
to bring his mother back
Why does Abraham drive out in a blizzard?
her elbow was severely burned
what horrible experience did Hannah, Rachel, and Abraham second child, experience right after her birth?
not cooked or served; pigs are not considered kosher
What do you think happened to the pickled pigs' feet that Abraham accidentally brought? Why?
gophers were eating on the roots
Why did some of the wheat begin "to actually grow smaller"?
it was an expensive affair; he had a bris
why was the birth of Mac so different than that of his sisters? How was is celebrated?
she was sick and needed nourishment
Why did the shochet tell Rachel to eat the meat that the others could not?
Isaac; Moses
What is their 4ths child's name? What was Mac's real name?
What was the name of their 5th child, the girl?
by smoke and gas inhalation from the stove
What caused Rachel, Bessie, and the other children to pass out?
the storm
Having a cellar helped to keep them and a lizard safe from what?
who was their 6th child?
Rachel became ill
What happened between the birth of Alec and ceilia?
Who showed remarkable bravery in going for the doctor for Rachel?
breaking wild horses
By 1910 what new occupation was Abe involved with?
he began to read and speak with authority on many subjects
Once their farm was established, Abe was able to do what with some of his time?
William Taft and Woodrow Wilson
Who sent letters of commendation to Abe Calof? Why?
Who was Rachel and Abe's last child?
March 1912
when was Jacob born?
How many winters did Abe's parents spend with Rachel and Abe
Jacob Calof
who wrote the epilogue?
when did the Calof's leave North Dakota?
St. Paul Minnesota
Where did the Calof's move to after leaving North Dakota?
right leg was amputated
What did Rachel undergo at the age of 72?
at what age did Rachel Calof die?
Seattle, Washington
where did Rachel Calof die?
a sum, ass, or assemblage of particulars; a total or gross amount
relating to land, and tenure, or the division of landed property
lasting a very short time; sort-lived; transitory
a person who discriminated against or is prejudiced or hostile toward Jews
marriage within a specific tribe or similar social unit
1880 and 1930
what years saw the bulk of immigration of Jews to the American Heartland?
for most settlers, how long did the farm experience last?
eastern europe
from what area of Europe did most Jews come from?
how many of the Jewish immigrants had been farmers in the Old World?
freedom and opportunity
what 2 terms are often found in written work of this time that described why people would immigrate?
pogroms, military servic, anti-semitic rules and regulations, and oppressive governments
America offered relief from what negatives of the Old World?
citizens; Americanization
Removal to farms would not only turn immigrants into useful _____________, it would also aid in their __________________.
Baron maurice de hirsch
What man used some of his fortune to improve life in Russia for Jews as well as provide for emigration from Russia?
Jewish Agriculturalists' Aid Society of America
Jewish Agricultural and Industrial Aid Society
excessive pride or self-confidence; arrogance
out of keeping or place; inappropriate; unbecoming
to place close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast
Fredrick Jackson Turner
the author of this essay claims that our view of the west as "masculine Euro-American" comes from what man?
Homestead Act of 1862
what act "allowed unmarried women to file for land in their own names"?