Write a program to test if given string is a palindrome Write a program to print the given statement in the reverse order of words. (Apart: try the same without using any library function) What is Skeleton? Differentiate Inheritance and Composition 6 Write a program to test if two given strings are anagrams Program to replace all spaces with in a given string b) Write a program to find unique elements in a given array and print them. What is Runtime Polymorphism 10 C. Testing Difference between regression testing and retest ? What is difference between sanity testing and smoke testing ?

Given a web service in an order mamanagementystem which fetches the list of orders Service is a REST Call with Post Method. Write all tests cases Write a test case for a form which has one date field and Submit button only Write test cases for LlLeftlevator (include functional, security etc) Test Cases for PC Keyboard D. UNIX DlODL Check Sum A checksum or hash sum is a fixed size datum computed from an arbitrary block of digital data for the purpose of detecting accidental errors that may have been introduced during its trtrainmcommissionr storage.

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The integrity of the data can be checked at any later time by rerecompilinghe checksum a ndNDomparing it with the stored one. If the checksums match, the data were almost certainly not altered (either Checksum Utilities: a) ckchecksum ckchecksumest. txTxt038471 504 75 test. txTxt4038471 504" represents the checksum value. "75" represents the file size of test. txTxtb)Bmdmediumdmediumile > file. mdModheck for validity with: mdmedium file. mdMod2DOSearch and Replace in UNIX : simply use : pePerli e 's/search_string/replace_string/g file_names 1.

How to view specific lines of file without using tail or head ? Please note that this can be done through SeSeedseSeed 5,7pupeteststxTxthere 5,7 represents the range and tetestsxtExts the file name. $ seSeed e 1,2pup 4puposometimetxTxthere e specifies the way to execute an expression. It will help us to extract multiple I inninesn a file.