Macbeth Answer these questions in complete sentences

You will need to turn in this assignment to your teacher by the due date to receive full credit. (10 points)

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1. Macbeth is a play that remains relevant and Interesting over 400 years after It was written, as is the case with many of Shakespearean works. Why Is Shakespeare still worth reading?

Answer: Shakespeare wrote In a way that endures many generations. HIS topics are Interesting. He also has a great way of drawing readers Into the book and does that tit characters with characteristics that are so common In entertainment today.

So It Is definitely still worth reading. (10 points)

2. Is Duncan a fool for going to Machete's castle and not suspecting the danger posed to him there by Macbeth and Lady Macbeth? Why or why not?

Answer: He was not a fool for not suspecting danger and going to the castle. Up to that point, Mabel was a respectable and loyal citizen. It wasn't until after the witches spoke with them that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth changed.

3. Describe Machete's behavior in the aftermath of Dunce's murder. Does Machete's behavior leave any room for readers and audience members to feel sympathy for him? Why or why not?

Answer: I think he has a slight room for sympathy. It was Lady Macbeth the driven him to that point. However his act wasn't done completely with Dunce's murder In the back of his mind.

4. Think about Machete's position at the conclusion of Act Ill. In what ways has his ambition, which allowed him to obtain the Scottish throne In the first place, begun to be detrimental to him? Cite specific examples from the play In your response.

Answer: even in the position he was in. After that, he had a lot of guilt for what he had done.

That is obvious when it notes his desperation in the book.

5. Do you think the ways in which the predictions of the witches come true in the plays final act are satisfying and appropriate? Or do you find the fact that the predictions are based on doublespeak and misinterpreted meanings to be disappointing? Explain your position.

Answer: I think it is satisfying and appropriate. It had been foretold that he would NOT be safe. It also said he would lose his kingdom. All of that happened! It was quite clever how it happened, but I happened nonetheless.