An uphill battle for economic growth and prosperity... An obstacle to the social and economic development... What is mainly the reason why a trusted person pushes to be corrupt? Many were blame of the financial crisis we are experiencing right now and this Is not new to everybody.

And seem to have no urgent actions in eradicating such crime. Corruption is very prevalent in the Philippines. We can't deny the fact that most of our officials chosen and trusted by the people around making this "corruption" as their way of life. Corruption Is everywhere Inside, It prevails In every department of government or even In private Institutions even In homes, markets, store small or big companies. And the victims of this are the poorest of the poor. Isn't it unfair? People behind this never think of the effect which is mainly the poverty.

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In which, everyone feels the effect of this; Philippine Is not supposed to be a very poor country, we have tots of money, we have many resources, however, that most of its money Is being directed into the pockets of corrupt officials instead of improving the country. The money could be directed to improving the country and the lives of the poor or communities projects, such as providing clean water, more hospitals or even add some Institutions that will help Improve the quality living of a person. Political Corruption is defined as the use of power by permanent officers for private or personal gain.

The Office of the Ombudsman is the official monitoring body of the government. Its main purpose is to Investigate and take legal actions against any government officials purportedly responsible of crimes particularly corruptions. Are they really doing their responsibilities handed for them? Are they really brave in fighting of the people behind any crimes? Or are they part of this crime? LET Antonio F. Tramlines, the author of the research entitled "Corruption in the Philippine Navy Procurement System", Is known as Involved In numerous naval operations In support of good operations directed against the ABA Safely and other lawless elements.

He formed the procurement system, which resulted in the accumulated savings of 1 OFF cases or the hidden crimes in the Philippine Navy which money is involve within it. Corruption within the Philippine military is plausible both in times of war and peace. During times of peace, military corruption occurs in several key areas. These includes: Procurement of non-military equipment and supplies, procurement of military equipment, hardware and defense supplies; bloating of servicemen and veterans' rolls and the operation of criminal rackets including gun-running, smuggling, protection of crimes and warlords and etc.

Procurement is the process of obtaining good and services from the preparation and processing of requisition through to receipt and approval of the invoice for payment. It commonly involves: purchase planning, standard determination, specifications development, supplies research and selection, value analysis, financing, price negotiation, making the purchase, supply contract administration, inventory control and stores and the disposal and other related functions. Philippine Ana is the naval warfare service branch of the Armed Forces of the Philippine and one of the three uniformed revise of the Republic of the Philippines.

Corruption takes place by this example: In the procurement of war material and equipment, they may use the over-pricing for the allocated funds, and they may say that there is no gas to run to their vehicles and there operations will suffer. While in bloated rolls it takes place when they conceal the death of veterans so they can continue to draw their financial benefits. Of course, the relatives of the already-dead veterans partake of the ill-gotten gains. Also, during the actual combat operations, they can say that their equipment and supplies were ass, since we knew that auditing such how much equipment were lost is never easy.

That is why they used this as their means of gaining money from the government. The research has two main problems: 1. Is the corruption exist within the procurement system of the Philippine navy? If so, what are the different forms of corruption being practiced? 2. Is there a relationship between offices exposed to boundary exchanges and corruption prosperity? According to his study, there are eight forms of corruptions: 1. Algal- grease money given to the procurement official by the dealer to facilitate the processing of documents. Tong- money demanded by the procurement to a dealer to facilitate the processing of documents. 3. Negro- an arrangement made by the dealer and the procurement official to manipulate a canvass method of procurement to ensure that the purchase order would be won by the said dealer. 4. Bidding-bidding- arrangement made by the dealer and the procurement official's to manipulate a public bidding method of procurement to ensure that the purchase order would be won by the said dealer. It is done by the collusion between all the attending bidders, which include the favored dealer, and the Bids and Awards Committee. Ghost delivery- process in which government funds allocated through budget releases are converted into cash. 6. Over-pricing- covering the additional expenses incurred by the algal, the dealers and the procurement official mutually agree on setting the price, which are way above the authorized limits. 7. Under delivery- it is like over pricing however the mutually agreed is the quantity of the delivery will be lower than the one specified in the purchase order. 8. Substitution- the dealer and the procurement official mutually agree to deliver items other than those stated in the purchase order. Deed to be a restricted domain of the APP. This study employed the survey design, since it is the most applicable for the quantitative- descriptive and quantitative explanatory approaches of this research. The respondents chosen were the accredited dealers of the Philippine Navy since they are considered to be insiders in the procurement system and they would be easier subject to extract confidential information from, than the subjects involved in the procurement system, Chi-square statistics was used to establish the relationship between two nominal variables namely: boundary exchange and corruption.

The 30 respondents of the study was to fully detached themselves for private purposes. According to the study, the most common form of corruption being practiced is the Algal which recorded as 100% frequency while the least practiced is the "under delivery' at 36. 7%. The reason why corruption is used by the dealer is in order to make the processing of documents possible which gained 96. 7%. Corruption is initiated by both parties with neither one initiating directly, gained 83. %. Despite of the existence rampant corruption in the Philippine Navy, transacting business is still profitable with accordance of the 28 out of 30 respondents (93. %). There are 53. 3 % respondents were not favor of the eradication of corruption, while 46. 7% felt otherwise this is because transactions may not be possible. There will be a hard process of transacting if ever this corruption will be banished in the field of work.

The analysis of the relationship between corruption propensity and boundary exchange; in the office of the Commander, Chief of Staff, Logistic Office, Comptroller's Office, Procurement Office, Supply Accountable Office, Commission on Audit, Finance Office, Technical Inspection Committee and in the Accounting Office, they are directly elated while in the Deputy Commander's Office and in the Bids and Awards Committee, there are not enough data to conclude that there is corruption propensity and boundary exchange are directly related.

One of the conclusions given in the study is, all offices involved in the procurement system had corruption incidences. And, COCA which is supposed to be the watchdog of the government against corruption got a 100% response in corruption perception. According to the 1987 Constitution, Commission on Audit, is one of the special independent bodies that will support the principles of honesty, integrity and public accountability.

Also, COCA is responsible for auditing the government's expenditures and an evaluator of the government's performance in handling funds; they are also the person behind that conducts audits on the income and revenues of government. They have the authority to conduct inquiry of the effectiveness and impact of programs, and not alone into the economy, efficiency or the legality and regularity of government operations.

From the result of 100%, it shows the reason why people under the umbrella of Commission on Audit is very much confident in stealing money from the people cause even the highest responsible for evaluating is doing such crime; indeed they are doing their Job which is to follow the rules of their bosses, but in other way. People believe in the capabilities of the officials they know would handle their responsibilities with all their hearts and with honesty.

However, this person chosen and trusted by the people were unfortunately dishonest. Yes, they are doing their I agree with the recommendations given in this study in which the Philippine Navy should strictly adhere to the merit system of promotion and selection of officers to be designated as commanders of its different units. Also, in the recommendation, it states that an officer should possessed moral integrity. But, I think setting up standard is still futile in eradicating this case.

Payment of speed money Just to have the very quick responds or speed action of very important document, this is not the answer of slow moving processed of the documents, instead proper management and monitoring system will I think somehow help. This is the best picture showing how is the making of "good things" in the field of work. We have our own meaning of the word "good". What if this one leader thinks that what he/she doing is really good, ND the second leader believes that the first leader is doing what is really good, then he will follow, and the flow of the "good thoughts" will continue until the rest of the leaders will also follow.

And here comes the self-interest and greediness arises. There are times that I have observed that there is really corruption even in the vicinity were I am connected Just as procurement is concern. Sometimes I have to ask why a certain company has to win in the bidding that in fact they are not even a supplier off particular item. Why would they let it happen? What's behind that? As I observed, that certain company is feeding the staff of that office assigned to conduct bidding and what more, that I don't know. I know that corruption is hard to be eradicated.

Enforcement action for this is very difficult, we can't deny that we have weak laws, the gathering of evidences is not easy, and the most issue is Public Officers were not adequately paid for their Job. Just my thought, the best way to somehow lessen this kind of crime is to monitor the flow of the money being used in every department. There should be a committee head or members who will take charge of noting all the expenses made by the department or the people in a apartment who is very brave in facing and fighting the people behind corruption.

People should also voice out and make use of their power to be heard by the officials. They should practice exercising their rights in expressing their feelings and thoughts and most especially exercising the activation of their sovereign power which is stated in Article II Section l. Making transparency, allowing public to access information government and showing the reports of investigations should be given to the public in order to practice the fair relationship of government and its people. Indeed, irruption had eaten and inflected all the level of the bureaucracy and all areas of operations.

But, I strongly believe that our country has still the chance to progress. If there's no corruption, there will be more money. Money that will sustain the need of the poor, help providing more education to the less fortunate, and giving medical services to the needy people. Abolishing ignorance of using the power and money will not hinder the progress that we are seeking and looking for. Having a strong leadership with honesty and integrity and will not allow any political concession as is/her basis in decision-making in any matters.

A person that will stand firmly for his decision that will benefit to the good of the people and not by himself or with his companions will also one of the soldier in fighting corruption, so, we should select an officer that has this qualifications in order to attain what we are aiming for. In every problem there is a solution. Since we are living in one country having one goal, we solution of the problem must be accomplished by every one of us. We must take and do our part in helping and in finding right solution for this problem. And it should tart on us.

Let's be honest and diligent on our own way. Our country is very wealth in all aspects. We should not be greedy. Instead, we should practice equality. We should not be afraid in speaking out and voicing out our feelings regarding the problems faced by our country. If we will continue to be passive and continue not minding this, people doing this crime will continue and will never stop using the money which is supposed to be equally shared and used by every one of us. We should bear in minds that there are laws that will protect us and will help us in moving towards the truth.