Why would they benefit from using psychological concepts and theories in their work practice ; What concepts/theories in psychology would improve their work practice ; How could they use these psychological Ideas In their work ; What would the benefits be to their quality of work Based on Nursing Care Allied Health (2010), a social worker Is an academic profession that provides immense aid and service for people across all sectors in the society that deals in personal, social and spiritual level.

Social workers may undertake roles n casework, counseling, advocacy, community engagement and development and social action to address issues at both the personal and social level. Social workers also work in areas such as policy development, education and research particularly around issues of social justice, disadvantage and the normalization of people in their communities or in society The field of social work utilizes social theories to understand human problems, to help Improve people's lives, and to Improve society as a whole.

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Many who work In this field specialize In particular areas, such as helping children, assisting those Life- heartening problems, or aiding people In overcoming addictions. So what exactly Is a social worker? These mental health professionals help people with a wide range of issues, including psychological, financial, health, relationship, and substance abuse problems. Learn more about what social workers do, the educational requirements, and the projected Job outlook for the field.

Social work is a professional and academic discipline that seeks to improve the quality of life and subjective well-being of Individuals, groups, and communities wrought research, policy, community organizing, direct practice, crisis Intervention, and teaching for the benefit of those affected by social disadvantages such as poverty, mental and physical Illness or dillydally, and social Injustice, Including violations of their civil liberties and human rights.

A social worker is an Allied Health professional who helps people at times of crisis. Their clients may include families, students, hospital patients or the elderly. Social workers can provide their clients with practical support, counseling, information and emotional support. They can suggest different ways of looking at the problem and will be able to give their client the information they need In order to make a difference to their life.

For example, if a client was suffering from domestic violence and saw a social worker, the social worker would be able to give the client a list of refuges where the client could escape to If she wanted to leave the family home and had nowhere to go. Social workers can help with problems such as homelessness, domestic violence, alcohol and drug addiction, sexual assault and child abuse. They bereavement.

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