I'm writing about the critical and not yet fully known topic genetic engineering. One positive argument for genetic engineering is that ones offspring is totally predictable and it is guaranteed to have it have the characteristics of its parents. For example you can choose if the baby will have blond or brown hair or if it will be good at sports or whatever. Also it could be possible to grow brain cells for brain damaged people or spinal cells for paralyzed people. Scientists could grow important organs like livers, kidneys, lungs or eats or clone bone marrow cells to cure people from leukemia.

Genetic engineering can also help infertile couples to have children through cloning or through in-vitriol-fertilization. But as well as positive sides cloning has also its negative parts and side effects we are not certain of yet. With that said I'll be switching over to my negative arguments for genetic engineering. In religious view it isn't good because we are 'playing god' and are so interfering with natural happenings. Thus a clone is identical to someone else in the world and so the uniqueness of humanity would be affected.

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Another important point is racism. Clones could be treated badly as they are no ;real' humans but just a 'copy' of someone else. They could be sold on the black market as slaves or be illegally produced to do the 'dirty' work no one else wants to do. All in one genetic engineering is a topic that still has many sides we don't know yet and have to be studied well. Even though it can help to cure people from diseases it still has side effects we are not certain of yet. Think it's a fascinating topic that everyone should be confronted with once.