Strengtheners. ' This vitamin helps strengthen an individual's bone density. A physician would suggest that their patient's take this vitamin once they turn 35 years of age because, according to U. S. Health News, an individual's bone density is strongest between the ages of 25 and 35. With this being said, yes, the primary audience would be for those 35 years of age and older. However, this vitamin can do extreme wonders in young athletes that push themselves to their limits daily. My new target audience are the young adults (ages 18 - 35) that are living active lifestyles.

Media Style Social media marketing is a big 'hit' with the younger generations more-so than television. Young adults are almost constantly using their cell phones to gaze at their social media sites and get the latest information and styles. This is where an advertisement regarding the bone and Joint strengthener comes in. This targeted age group like things that grab their attention, anything from a silly quote remark. Attention grabbers can have an informational comment, some lines of 'Assists your health while at the gym. This can catch an athlete Produce and once they see it, it will spread like wildfire. Attention Grabbers Having a product spread through gossip (which originated on a social help an organization get customers and known throughout the young Not only is the 'catch phrase' important, but the body of the article mum intriguing facts about how this product can assist an athlete, in his/he their goals as an athlete. The article has to appeal to the audience an reason to buy the product. For instance, the article can explain how the help the young athlete.

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Anything from healing faster (after a severe s fracture) to having a better immunity to bone breakages. Key Terms Some key terms that would grab the attention of the targeted audience room 'Unbreakable' and 'Tough' to 'Get back out there. ' The terms (and not only get the potential clients attention, but it can also attract their did not see the advertisement through the one individual. These term targeted audience that this vitamin can be extremely helpful to athlete even to another potential audience that suffers from an illness that a bones and/or Joints.

Potential Responses Some responses can range from a senior high school student telling a friends about this new vitamin that can help an athlete with the bone health or this advertisement can (like many) have an adverse response regarded audience thinks that this product is a fake. The product has t (make its appearance targeting this audience) with a strategy that will the audiences' attention, but it has to leave them wanting more inform vitamin.

Having the advertisement read that it is to help one's bones enough, they have to take it a step further and explain how much fast time would be (if an injury were to occur to a potential consumer) and bones and Joints would be able to take on a larger impact if this vital for a period of time prior to an important event where more was need consumer (more physical activity required at a particular time). My Pop My opinion regarding this product was that once I aged into this age g required to take this vitamin, I most definitely would.

My views and o not have a drastic change. If anything, I would decide to take this vita age considering I live an active lifestyle that consists of sports and rest This new advertisement idea would make me want to try this vitamin than later. Conclusion A different marketing plan would benefit this advertiser and many MO consumers. The current advertisement for this product only specifies the bones and Joints of those that are of a certain age and higher. H potential, younger, targets can be assisted by this vitamin as well.