Description: powered by electricity, looking glass window as the front past of the machine that will show the merchandise that student can buy. The window can be opened sideways for the merchandise to be refilled. (please see picture below) PAM is a new and strategic and innovative way to sell paper. We will be selling papers from intermediate papers, bond papers up to school booklets. Eventually, we will also be selling basic school materials like pens and notebooks. Marketing objective Short term objective

Brand awareness This will take place once the product Is already available. Have posters around campus that will show the availability of paper on a vending machine. Word of mouth is also effective since the campus Is small In terms of territory. This means that people know almost each other making it easier to spread the word. Gain consumers Attract more students to buy paper thru PAM. Since PAM is within the campus, it is easy for students in need of paper to see it. We will also make sure that the price will be budget friendly to all students who would like to buy paper.

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Long Term To tallest have one machine on every school In the Philippines. We are thinking national. We would like to have this product available even In the remote areas of the country. We believe that education Is a right. That Is the reason why we would Like to make sure that basic school supplies Is an easy access to every student. Target market description ALL U Cloacae Students We are strategically putting the machine Inside the campus. Thus, our primary consumer and target market are all U students. Everyone could be a consumer. Survey distribution

Base on the records that we have gathered, Is the number of students that will show a significant fraction of usage of paper within the campus. We have randomly chosen the students and reviewed their buying pattern of paper to come up with the demand. Records show that wealth the past 5 years the demand for paper had been Increasing for at least Product: Marketing and Paper Vending Machine By hachure This will take place once the product is already available. Have posters around is also effective since the campus is small in terms of territory.