The pie chart shows the number of training hours per year for different purposes while the bar chart demonstrates the percentage of office workers' attitude to training. In general, although the amount of time varies according to purpose, both manager and secretary show positive attitude towards training In the pie chart, health and safety occupies 30 hours, followed by interpersonal skill with 15 hours. Meanwhile, although 5 hours lower than interpersonal skill, technical purpose doubles career development in the amount of training time.

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In the bar chart, above 60% of secretary group believe that training is important for bob and a good excuse for a change whereas less than 10% of this group see it as a waste of time. Similarly, the majority of manager group also claim that this service is necessary for Job, networking and a change, but its percentage is a bit higher than that of the former group. Strikingly, only in "important for Job" does the former surpass the latter. [email protected] Mom The bar charts demonstrate different types of albums purchased by people in Britain according to age and sex In general, although the amount of consumption in different groups varies, those geed 25-34 are the biggest spenders. To specify, in Pop Music, those aged 16-34 show the highest percentage of consumption with approximately 25%, followed by male and 35-44 age groups with about 20%. Meanwhile, the least significant spenders are rest groups with less than 14%.

Similarly, Rock music follows the same picture as Pop Music in the taste of group, but its total consumption is slightly higher. However, in Classical Music, although the oldest group and those aged 25-34 favor it most with around 1 the youngest and middle aged groups from 35-44 find it the least fascinating with less Han 5%. In brief, each group has a different taste towards music. Yet, male still surpasses female in the amount of consumption while Rock and Pop Music are more popular with younger group than the oldest one.