Thomas Edison State College In this Information age Internet security Is a vital part of people's lives. Some people do not understand or have the education to comprehend how Important privacy and Internet security is. When I searched about privacy and security on blng. com, there were 470 million results. Rather than clicking on the first result that pops up, do some Investigating. Gather as much Information on the URL's that you can about the age.

Is the page a personal page that someone designed with their oplnlons? Look at the domain. Is It a reliable source Ilke . edu, . mll, . org or . gov? Is It based on the type of Information you are looking for? Is It reliable for your topic? These are questions you should ask yourself while searching for information on the World Wide Web. The type of search engine or library database affects your search results as well. Search engines are not quality controlled or governing websites that it uses, therefore the earches are not always complete.

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Search engines grab keywords from multiple websites even if the website was just created by an unknown author and has no idea what they're talking about. Search engines are great resources for obtaining quick answers by checking sources not covered by a library database. The best and most effective research comes from a library database. A library database is developed by specialists who meticulously search through the information and confirm its validity. They contain research made up of rich escriptive records that cannot be accessed by a search engine.

Most library databases cost money or can be accessed by a student login account through a school. By having a small fee to log into a secure database without any pop ups or phishing attempts to try and swindle you into giving up your personal information is well worth the money in the long run. When I searched on EBSCO Academic Search Premiere database, there was solid evidence on Internet Security. It showed who wrote it, the title, date it was published, what volume, and issue, as well as what type f article it is. nlike bing. com a database gives you more than a URL to base your decision off of what article you want to use. In the article "Hardening the Browser," Kern states that "Internet Explorer Is a notoriously Insecure piece of software and Apples Safari browser has proven to be similarly vulnerable.