The motorcycle I am most interested in is specifically the Harley Davidson. Motorcycles bring about a sense of freedom from the daily grind of work, administration, and other worries. People want to own a motorcycle as the feel of the open road and sense of freedom envelopes you as the wind rushes over your body. In many circles there are car clubs and car owners that hold to their brand of choice but there are none more brand specific then a Harley owner. There are a lot of considerations to purchasing a motorcycle and one is a sense of belonging to something or a group larger than yourself.

In 1901 a young twenty-one year old man named William S. Harley designed and blue printed an engine that would fit onto a bicycle frame. He partnered with Arthur Davidson his boyhood pal of many years in working towards their dream and goal of manufacturing an American made motorcycle that would be different than any other out on the market. With many years of trial and error it was not until around 1911 that he developed the now famous V-Twin engine that is still produced today and copied by other motorcycle manufacturers.

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In 1916 Harley manufactured motorcycles babbled "fighting motorcycle" with a side car machine gun that was used along the Mexican border combating Poncho Villa and his revolutionaries (Wagner). They also incorporated models and produced 20,000 motorcycles to help in the World War I fighting effort. They were so successful that at the conclusion of the wars bidders were known to bid on used Harley motorcycles over new motorcycle of Harley rivals. Harley had been seen by millions of American fighting men and their emblem of a work horse and dependable two wheeled convenience had been entrenched.

The hands on use of a product and a firsthand experience in the marketing industry of hat product carry big dividends. Harley had proven itself in a time of need and had been etched in the minds of millions of military fighting men who would continue to carry on the marketing of the name brand Harley for generations. In 1916 Harley marketing team produced the first copy of "The Enthusiast" magazine was created and produced. The Enthusiast was sent out to all Harley owners and dealers and its intent was to inform dealers and owners of newer models and developments but also encouraged its owners to continue as customers.

They also used this publication to show customers style trends and used it to market their Harley clothing line. This is a great marketing strategy to bring about continued loyalty in your consumers. Their loyalty to the products and to future products will be a continuum throughout generations. Not only is Harley producing a publication about their products but they also are spreading the stories of similar people and their riding experiences. In 1956 "Elvis" purchased his first flathead KHZ Harley motorcycle and The Enthusiast published a picture of the very famous Elvis on the cover of their publication.

This marketing scheme proved to be very successful as ales Jumped with the endorsement of Elvis. People wanted to be cool and popular and to be like Elvis. With the wide spread distribution of the publication it continues today as the longest continuously published motorcycle magazine in the world as well as the largest circulation (Canter). But Harley cannot be this successful and continue to market so successfully without consumers feeling like they have procured a quality product. Harley-Davidson Motorcycles has a very stringent quality control process and stands behind their product.

They especially like to promote that a Harley is made in America by Americans. With American very focused on loss of Jobs to foreign soil it is a good marketing strategy for Harley to promote their products to be made in America. There is much talk among Americans and the news media on the American job loss to Jobs performed on foreign soil. This leaves a bad taste in Americans mouths and leaves elected officials not taking the blame or credit for the loss of American Jobs (CBS Monetary).

The article summarizes the helpless feelings and the belief that the United States government's trade, tax, monetary, regulatory, and immigration policies are destroying America's future. These types of feelings of distrust for foreign produced products and materials and the loss of Jobs to foreign based companies seem to be building a renewed interest in American made products. Harley has capitalized on that as being the oldest company to manufacture motorcycles in America. In the motorcycle riding world, the motorcycles that are not produced in America are referred to as "Rice burners", or "Metrics", or other names not to be mentioned.

I say this because it is yet another marketing strategy that Harley has become very successful by promoting "American Made by American Hands! " Harley has also promoted that owning and riding a Harley is an organizational experience. Harley created the Harley Owners Group or commonly referred to as a "HOG". It is an organization that is officially labeled to be sanctioned by Harley Davidson. This is no small organization as it is global and is now recognized as an international organization with over 1400 local chapters around the world. Being a HOG member is intended as another of Harley marketing.

In order to become a member well you must own a Harley Davidson motorcycle or be the spouse of a Harley owner. Harley arresters know that if you are an individual owner and your motorcycle sits in your garage and you only ride occasionally then it has less lasting impact on your riding experience. If Harley can promote an organization that promotes riding and togetherness and the experience of riding then the experience is more rewarding and lasting of being a Harley owner. Plus the more I ride and talk it up among my friends then each person becomes a Harley salesman themselves.

It is like a good epidemic that the word travels fast from person to person and along with the advertising they have out it becomes infectious to become a Harley owner. The organizers of the HOG organization also realizes that becoming a member of something bigger than yourself has big rewards and brings about a tighter bond and long lasting relationships. To that note the HOG organization performs charitable organization rides for choice charitable events close to local chapters. It can be anything from a local neighbor needing help with medical expenses to breast cancer to toy for tot's rides.

These rides are organized mainly by Harley riders and owners but are not exclusive to Just Harley riders. They bring about the community in a worthy and Joined together cause. We also consider it an opportunity to convert metric riders over to American made Harley and potential future Harley owners. In days gone by Harley owners were portrayed as "Bad Boys" in movies during the sass's through the sass's like Hells Angels or in groups like the American Outlaws or even in the movie "Easy Rider". With a care free attitude and at times anti establishment tendencies the older generation frowned upon Harley riders as loud and disobedient.

Harley actually suffered from this type of exposure and gained a tarnished reputation. In 1969 Harley was sold to American Machinery and Foundry ND the quality of the product plummeted as well as did their sales. For years they were regarded as substandard to the Japanese motorcycles due to how MAP managed the Harley Davidson Company and produced the Harley Motorcycles. William G. Davidson and thirteen investors bought Harley Davidson back from MAP and they have revived Harley Davidson. One of Harley motorcycles that helped to bring about its revival was the Fat Boy which was ridden in the movie Terminator by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Rumor has it that the name Fat Boy came from a combination of the names (Little Boy and Fat Man) of the atomic bombs that were roped on Japan in World War II. This name came about from how Harley had dropped a similar production bomb on Japanese motorcycle manufacturers (eh. Com). Today's Harley owners are a varied lot of Coo's, investment bankers, and lawyers. Professionals of all walks of life now own a Harley. The average Harley customer is a 47-year old male with a median income of $82,000 (Kettle, 2010). It is noted that 12 percent of Harley owners today are women.

Women are finding the need for the freedom of the open road and many have decided instead of riding behind their man they now want to ride beside him on their own Harley. They are finding that it is one thing to be a member and to experience the road as a passenger and yet another new and refreshing experience to ride your own Harley and be a member on your own standing. I have heard some women to say they now own the road like their husband. This is comparable to a customer driven marketing strategy and mix and is typical of one of the forces that influences it (Kettle, 2010).

Harley marketing has heard this and segmented a marketing strategy targeting women as not Just passengers but as riders as well. Harley designed some of their motorcycles to accommodate a shorter statures rider. This is very intentional as most of the Harley are built to accommodate a 6' frame rider and some of their bikes weigh close to a thousand pounds. Some of the new models are more in line with a shorter stature with direct appeal and marketing to a broader audience. They have included a color palette for their motorcycles with women appeal as opposed to the more masculine colors.

The days before of Harley being ridden by only "Bad Boys" and especially men has changed and Harley has been partly responsible for this. During their marketing segmentation, Harley has designed a clothing line especially for women. All of their clothing is not leather as they produce clothing that appeals to many types of women with varying materials. This is very important as these women Harley riders are more refined and the wives of professionals as opposed to the previously thought of as "Biker Chicks" or "Motorcycle Mamma's" of days gone by.

However, on the weekend it gives both male and female an opportunity to leave the professional they are during the week at work and be someone else, a "Harley Owner" on the weekend. Harley organizes huge gatherings for their riders and encourages them to ride from lies away to attend these events annually. They will announce who might have ridden the furthest and give out prizes for those who have attended without missing a gathering. These events are intended to draw all riders together as a community and to encourage and promote Harley Davidson.

This promotion encourages consumers to buy Harley products and to stay with and maintain a long term relationship with their brand. These events are a form of advertising and building consumer brand alliance. Their events are intended to instill a sense of an uplifting in the individual much like a motivational speaker is. It is marketing hype or riding the wave of emotion that causes us to Join together as a group with a single cause. In most cases it is to have a good time but to experience the brother and sisterhood of owning and riding an American Icon.

These gatherings are not intended to be a brain washing but to promote a brand and a fun way of life. These are social events with organized activities and at times organized fund raisers for worthy charitable causes. It is an excellent marketing strategy by Harley to promote their motorcycle and that their motorcycle is not a Just a product but a life changing experience. I have owned various brands of motorcycles but had never owned a Harley Davidson. Throughout the years for one reason or another I did not own one but still longed for one.

One of the main reasons I did not own a Harley was the cost as they are on the upper end of the motorcycle product line. I would guess that part of their higher price is they are made in America which generally holds higher production costs for wages. They are also higher in price due to their high demand. At one time in the past Harley motorcycles were in such demand that Harley was rumored to only sell ewe motorcycles to Harley owners. I recall wondering if I could find a used one Just so that I could go into the dealer and purchase a new Harley Davidson.

I recall over the years that as I rode up to another bike and it was a Harley that I felt inferior to this massive, throbbing, and beautifully detailed machine. A Harley has a certain feel to it and sound that came about in the production model of 1909 that Harley protects with patents in order to keep others from having the Harley sound and feel. It is this sound and feel that helps to make a Harley a one-of-a-kind. I recall my wife and I scudded the purchase of a Harley for myself and I found that she really liked them too.

She was drawn to the brotherhood associated with owning and riding a Harley. She loved the sound and feel of one even though she had never ridden one. Just sitting next to one or especially a group of them at a stop light and hearing them roar off together to a thunderous rumble was awe inspiring. People stop and look as a Harley rolls by whereas they are much less likely to notice a Metric roll by. This is what Harley has successfully created in not only the production of their motorcycles UT very wisely incorporated into their marketing strategies.

As stated by Ken Schmidt, Director of Communications at Harley "We're not dependent on advertising or other traditional marketing techniques as automobile companies or even our competitors are," says Schmidt. "They're selling transportation. We're selling dreams and lifestyle. There's a big difference" (Corresponding) I conclude that the marketing strategies of Harley over the years have been ethical and motivated solely to sell motorcycles. They have created, encouraged, and promote a specific way of life for their owners.

Sometimes the actions of the owners may not be ethical but as in any situation is that the fault or blame of the product or the consumer. They promote togetherness and camaraderie and fellowship among the Harley owners by promoting annual gatherings across the world. Their publication encourages riding and putting miles on your motorcycles and building relationships between manufacturer and consumer. Of course some would be idealistic and say it is the way the Harley family is and they Just love the Harley organization but others more cynical would say Harley Just wants to sell motorcycles.

I agree with both as they pioneered a motorcycle based on a need to produce something that the masses would appreciate and their promoting of an independent American produced motorcycle has paid them with one of the most loyal brand based consumers known. Harley has always listened to the customer in regards to design and appeal in their motorcycles. I recall the factors in my decision to purchase a Harley-Davidson motorcycle for my 50th birthday. I had always said that I would own a Harley by the time I was 50 and as the day approached and I looked at the price tag I was finding it hard to Justify.

I had convinced myself I could settle for a Metric that looked similar and sounded similar. My wife decided she would accompany me in my quest to find the bike that would replace my 50th birthday Harley. We went to every dealership and some were impressive and they were priced at two thirds the price off Harley. I had settled on a bike and my wife asked me a very simple question as she knew I was compromising. She asked, "When we pull up too light and a bunch of Harley are sitting there rumbling, what will you be thinking? " I had to honestly answer that I would be thinking I should have gotten a Harley.

She told me then we are getting a Harley for what it stands for and no compromise. So I did. References Corporate Design Foundation, "Harley-Davidson: Marketing an American Icon", Retrieved March 12, 2011, from http://www. CDC. Org/issue_]urinal/Harley-Davidson_marketing_an_American_icon. HTML Jasper, William, Retrieved March 1 1, 2011, Article June 25, 2007 from CBS Monetary, http://beneficiaries. Com/p/articles/mi_moons/is_13_23/AI_n25008616/peg_4/ Canter, Buzz, Retrieved March 12, 2011, Editor in Chief, American Iron Magazine, from http://www. Aiming. Com/forums/Harley-collectibles/4782-enthusiast-Harley- gained. HTML Kettle, P. , & Armstrong, G. , Principles of Marketing, Pearson Prentice Hall, copyright 2010. Wagner, Herbert, Retrieved March 1 1, 2011, "Biography of William S. Harley, from http://www. Decoration. Com/HARLEY. BIO/win. Harley. Bio. HTML Why is Harley called a Fat Boy? , Retrieved March 12, 2011, from http:// www. Eh. Com/facts_5167584_Harley-called-fat-boy. HTML Arrant, N. (1994, October). Step right up! Sales and Marketing Management, 146(11), 114. Retrieved February 7, 2011, from Entrepreneurship. (Document ID: 59195). General Dynamic's, Retrieved February 3, 2011, from http:// www. Narcissism's. Com/ Jones, G. R. , & George,J. M. (2011). "Effective Team Management. " Essentials of Contemporary Management. New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin. Lealer,J. (2011, January 21). We robots. New York Times. Retrieved from http://www. Anytime. Com/2011101 /23/books/review/Lealer-t. =l =We, robotst=cse Maxwell, J, Retrieved January 30, 2011 , Charismatic Leadership, The Mindful Network, published 5/22/2008, from http://www. reRefreshercoComimindfulnessrarticlesarticles/82/1 [Charismatic-Leadership/PaPage htHTMLcCocoasW. , & Joseph,J.. (2008). Rise and Fall - or Transformation?

The Evolution of Strategic Planning at the General Electric Company, 1940-2006. Long Range Planning, 41(3), 248. Retrieved February 7, 2011, from ABABANFORM Global. (Document ID: 1490797071). PePersistJ, JrJar (1990, March). Employee Motivation: Is It Necessary? Small Business Reports, 15(3), 33. Retrieved February 7, 2011, from Entrepreneurship. (Document ID: 792432). CaCassiaoBookingsmerican Intercontinental University Unit 5 Individual Project MKMUG05 - Principles of Marketing December 8, 2012 Abstract These types of personal care products that Proctor & Gamble (P) sells are products ittitairly little differentiation.

Gain has great passion for the brand. Procter and Gamble works hard to appreciate the Gain consumers and to deliver the great scent experience they find in Gain. In this report, I will identify the laundry detergent industry. There are two major leading companies outside Proctor and Gamble; are UnUnlikeanufactures of Surf and Church & Dwight manufactures of Arm & Hammer Introduction Procter and Gamble will strive to provide recognized products and outstanding quality services to our consumers. By doing so, the consumers will reward the ommanyith profit and leadership sales allowing the company and all channels involved to succeed.

While almost all laundry detergents on the market will work well to clean your clothes and get the Job done, Gain offers an enticing appealing fragrance across with its array of laundry detergents. Gain delivers a fresh smell along with a great cleaning power. Describe Main Line of Business of the Company Ultimately, all laundry detergents have one, basic function-?to get clothes clean. P has built solid brand loyalty over its formidable, long history as a company, but no company can rely upon name alone, forever.

With detergents and fabric softeners, and more, Gain will fill every room in your home with anything but average scents. To continue to generate revenue and expand sales, the company has attempted to be original in the method, market structure, and message of the image that it sells to consumer. Name Four Countries in which the Company Operates Procter and Gamble has operation in over 80 countries with four of them being China, Australia, PuPuercoiRiceand Russia. In order to distribute quickness the company has divided into five regions Western Europe, Latin America, Central / Eastern Europe, North America and Asia.

This will allow P to focus, have a faster response time to the consumer, and its energetic demands. Implementation of Competition The company's goal is to win customers buy good quality products, value, and not by creating an unreasonable disadvantage. Certain level of competitive activity is a good thing, it builds awareness. It's something that has to be watched out for from a share stand point and which is part of the reason why P is trying to become more productive so there are more financial resources available to ensure that we can go head to head with our competitors as they try to enter P major markets.

Implementation of Target Market Inside P, Gain is a part of the company's success in targeting the single family customers in certain ethnic groups. Similar to most large companies, it has programs geared to Hispanics and African Americans customers, in hope to tap into the demographic groups. This measure of market relates to different distribution channels which will include the Supermarket, Discount Store, Corner Stores, and Internet. Both English and Spanish is on every box sold in the U. S. Among the Hispanic consumer market is 80 percent higher than the general population.