The course content includes a study of the relationship between marketing and society, nature and functions of marketing, marketing management processes, marketing tools, the markets, and the consumers. Course Objectives The main goal of the course is to provide an overview of the basic principles underlying modern marketing theory and practice. It will provide participants with an understanding of the analysis that is necessary for taking marketing decisions, and the wide range of factors (and interactions of those factors) that need to be considered in the design of a marketing program.

Students should come away with his course with an understanding of the marketing system and its role within the Malaysian economy and within an individual firm by studying how products and services are planned, priced, promoted, and distributed in order to satisfy consumers' wants. Learning Outcomes upon completion of the course, students should be able to: CLC define and apply knowledge of the key marketing concepts. 0 explain how discuss the factors influencing consumer behavior. 0 discuss the ways in which product, pricing, place (distribution), and promotion affect marketing . Write a simple marketing plan. Required Materials Kettle, P. & Armstrong, G. 2012), Principles of Marketing, 14th Edition, Pearson. Optional/Additional Materials Nor Khalid's ABA and Hussein Cameraman (2013). Oxford Revision Series: Principles of Marketing, (2nd De), Oxford University Press, Shah Lam. Lamb, C. W. , Hair, J. F. & McDaniel, C. (2012). Essentials of Marketing, 7th De. , South- western CONGAED Learning, USA. Course Assessment Coursework (Assignments/ Group Project) Forums Final Examination Total 100% Course Requirements & Policies Attendance Attendance will be taken.

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Students are expected to turn up to class on time as to avoid disturbances and being late for participating in the class discussions. Regulation. Class Participation Students are encouraged to participate as much of the learning will come from discussion during class. It is expected that you switch off your hand phone! "Smiling" is totally prohibited! During class, you may be required to Join as participants in marketing research projects. Please dress decently and appropriately (according to university dress codes) when attending classes. Group projects & Assignments There will be group projects and assignments.

For group project, work together with your group members and at the end of the project your group members will assess your contribution to the project. You are expected to do a group presentation before submission of written copy during the semester. Assignments will be uploaded in EUNICE. In class assignments must be submitted on the specified date otherwise you may be penalized for late submission. If you encounter any problem to submit assignments on the specific date, you are required to inform the lecturer within 2 days of the specified date.

For any type written assignments given, the format of the paper should be as follows: 0 A cover page with your details - Name, Student ID and Sections ( as registered in SMS) 0 Font: Time New Roman , size 12 with 1. 5 spacing Include a reference page for every assignment that you submitted. Students are required to participate in ALL 3 forums posted by the Course Leader and marks will be assigned based on the quality of the discussion. Accessing/ Checking EUNICE Virtual It is utmost important for students to access and check their EUNICE Virtual for any updates and information pertaining to the course regularly throughout the semester.