The Princess Bride Essay written by Olivia Frost “Oh my sweet Westley…What have I done? ” say’s Buttercup, as she accidently throws her true love down the hill. In a desperate attempt to redeem herself, she throws herself down the hill after him. This scene mirrors the wonderful flavour that runs throughout the entire film. The movie ‘Princess Bride’ is a modern fairytale full of romance, adventure and comedy. The famous director Rob Reiner, is also best known for such films as ‘Stand by Me’, ‘When Harry Met Sally’, ‘A Few Good Men’, and many other excellent movies.

The three key themes of this movie are; True Love, Good triumphs over Evil, and the modern day Fairy Tale. “True love will never fail me” is best described in the scene where Westley is tortured to death by the evil Prince Humperdinck who is determined to marry the beautiful Buttercup despite her undying love for Westley. Loyal friends rescue the tragic situation by taking the dead Westley to a witch doctor and feed Westley a magic chocolate coated nut which brings him back from death.

Once again, Westley is back on his mission to rescue his one true love Buttercup. But on leaving, the witch doctor couple says to each other “Do you think it will work? ” And the other replies “It will take a miracle”. But as the story goes, it does work…proving that true love can conquer death. Westley depicts the characteristic of the genuine hero, faithful, resourceful, strong and honourable. “Hel-lo, my name is Indigo Montoya you killed my father, prepare to die” (spoken in a Spanish accent).

Another great hero in the adventure, Indigo draws the viewers along with his determination to find the six fingered man that murdered his father when he was just a boy, “I don’t mean to pry but you don’t happen to have six fingers on your right hand? ” is one of the many classic lines in this epic movie. Traditional Fairy tales were mostly about princesses marrying princes, fairy godmothers, deformed ugly witches, and make believe talking animals like the Walt Disney animated movies.

However The Princess Bride brings the fairy tale adventure into an almost believable story of a bored, bed-ridden young boy who gets carried away by his grand father’s storytelling. The boy is drawn into the wonders of the fairy tale kingdom of Florin, where ordinary people do extraordinary feats like the scene where Westley fights the Killer Rodents “Oh you mean the R. O. U. S’s Rodents of unusual size? They don’t exist! ” As a modern day fairy tale, this movie satisfies the young and old, rich and poor, humour, adventure and comedy. The Princess Bride” has some elements of classical fairytales but also parodies them. We can see that it has taken these elements and changed them around a bit, while adding humor, Rob Reiner has imitated or mocked fairytales which makes “the Princess Bride” so humorous, just as the movie was intended. To conclude this essay, a quote from Amazon. com (Movie critics) summed up so well “A story that will touch your heart and tickle your funny bone”