Preity Zinta: Bollywood Dimple queen Preity Zinta who married with Gene Goodenough in an beautiful ceremony in Los Angeles 2016 right now a breaking news is buzzing in social media regarding the Preity Zinta Pregnant. As per report that the Preity Zinta was snapped in the Suburbs in Mumbai on Thursday were she we wore a flexible fitted outfit which has clearly give arise to guesswork of possible pregnancy. As always Preity Zinta looking gorgeous in a black outfit Preity Zinta weared a printed dress and paired her look with Loui Vuittion Handbag, Slippers and Black Glares and she trying to hide her Stomach with a scarf and it looks like Preity Zinta is trying to cover her baby bump with her black scarf and Preity Zinta set fire to her pregnancy supposition. we know all know that Preity Zinta and Gene Goodenough are most cutest couple in Bollywood industry and they always manages to give us enormous relationship goals Preity Zinta who is know for her best roles in Veer Zaara Dil chahta hai Kal Ho Na ho and so forth movies and she has missing from the silver screen from long time and Preity Zinta was last seen with the Saif ALI khan movie Happy Ending. Preity Zinta is know for IPL Matches were she moves like a queen in play ground with her PlayersPreity Zinta Instagram is filled with couple of pictures with her hubby. Recently interaction with fans in Facebook Preity Zinta revealed when she met his husband a fans asked her, Preity Zinta prelied back saying that she met him in santan monica In los Angeles sic years ago then Preity Zinta dated for five years and finally married him in 2016. In Earlier interview with Preity Zinta she had said that Preity Zinta is indeed lucky to have her Gene Goodenough as he pushes her to act in films again. Preity Zinta said that, "For me It is very easy I am Married woman Working and Very happy. I am Lucky to marry to Gene who actually force me into doing a movies . I though I didn't want to do any more movies so i moved to the business side.

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