In this assignment, I will discuss the difference between Practical and Emotional Intelligence. As defined in Chapter 9 of "Psychology and Your Life", Practical Intelligence is the intelligence that is related to overall success in living. In the workplace, I believe that this intelligence would prove Important, especially In a training role. A person with practical intelligence would be able to observe what another co-worker Is doing, and learn from that.

Those that are high on Practical Intelligence are the ones that are able to learn the normal activities and/or duties, and apply them appropriately. These individuals are able to problem solve every day issues rather easily. Emotional Intelligence is defined as the set of skills that underlie the accurate assessment, evaluation, expression, and regulation of emotions. This skill underlies the ability to get well with others. In the workplace this would prove beneficial, especially in settings that are team based.

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Places like call centers, retail stores, and quadrants often schedule people in a team setting, which helps achieve an overall goal. By being able to get along with others, you will be positively contributing to the team's bottom line and assist with the work load, thus allowing for a smooth work day and happy employees/customers. Show "The Montreal Williams Show". He would often connect with his audience and his guests, specifically those that had fallen on hard times. He provided empathy and words of encouragement with his guests, and would follow up with his guests to see how they were after their appearances.

His show is now off the air, however he still contributes to various charities and speaks at conventions usually as a motivational speaker. McGreevy's displayed an incredibly high degree of practical intelligence during his time on air. In his adventures, Macgregor would learn his skills from observing the situations around him. Whenever danger struck, he was able to figure out a way to get out whatever Jam he was in. His iconic use of rubber bands, and paper clips have made him a generational cultural television icon. His practical intelligence made him a superstar.