As parental influences on a child's political socialization wane, which of the following factors becomes more dominant in the child's political socialization?
their peers

One of the nation's oldest polls was started in the 1930's, and was most notably wrong in 1948 when it predicted that Thomas Dewey, the Republican candidate, would defeat the Democratic incumbent, Harry Truman in the presidential election:
the Gallup Poll

Which of the following are young people most exposed to, after the family and school?
their peers

Today, about ____ percent of the population of the United States is Protestant or non-Catholic Christian:

The authors suggest that support for the death penalty increased in the 1970s because
the homicide rate increased

Most politicians and many scholars believe that the media's greatest influence on politics is its ability to
set the political agenda

Which statement best summarizes the public's general feeling about the role of government guaranteeing employment, according to the ANSA survey of 2008?
A plurality wanted the individuals to get along on their own.

What conclusion can be made about support for the death penalty in the United States?
Americans have regularly supported the death penalty two to one in public opinion polls.

Who is likely to support the death penalty?

In a democracy, the mass media perform the function of
promoting communication between government and citizens.

Which would best summarize the benefits of American mass media?
Mass media provide major channels for a two-way flow of information.

The "television hypothesis" is the belief that television
is to blame for the low level of citizens' knowledge about public affairs.

Which of the following statements concerning gender and political beliefs is incorrect?
Women are more likely to favor going to war

The five members of the Federal Communications Commission
are appointed by the president.

Which statement best explains the impact of the Internet on newspapers?
the Internet has led to a shrinking of newspaper advertising.

____ have (has) the greatest impact on political socialization

Majoritarians would argue that government should follow public opinion due to
the clear and consistent policy opinions held by the majority of the people

The major agents of early socialization in the United States are
family, school, community, and peers.

A libertarian is most likely to exhibit the characteristics of
high income and high education.

In 2008, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and the United States carried out the following percentage of all executions worldwide:

Most Americans, despite media focus on horse race journalism, truly want the media to focus on
candidates' policy positions

Which of the following statements reflects the importance of the Gallup poll according to the authors?
The Gallup poll's accuracy has not always been on the mark, but its predictions have been fairly close to election results

During a presidential election, the tendency of journalists to limit coverage of campaign events to coverage of the candidate who leads in the polls at the time is known as
horse race journalism

The pluralist model of democracy contrasts with the majoritarian model on the role of public opinion because the pluralist model
asks government to take into account the opinions of minorities.

According to our authors, the Internet has:
impacted virtually every government agency and political organization.