Earlier, United States believed in free security whereby the large bodies of water separated continents. Attackers were prevented by water bodies from such invasions. The attack that tool place in September 11, 2001 was as due to this fact that Americans had fully believed in free security. They had not formulated any policy before the incident. The attacks on the United States should have been considered an attack just like other attacks and normal investigations might have been successful, but this turned out to be a revenge mission on the government of George W. Bush. Where he decided to release his anger on them is having a revenge mission on the perpetrators. The incident should have demanded that the government investigate on the occurrence of the crime and iron out to who were responsible for the attacks and policies also be formulated so as to prevent any further attacks in future. This has finally built up fears and doubts from dissenting voices.

There has been quite hard to figure out whether the United State government entertains any sort of dissent during times of crisis. This has been there for years now as evidenced during the McCarthy era which existed during the mid-twentieth century installed doubts on whether the society that is America entertain such cases as for dissent as they are being suppressed.

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History states that dissenters would occasionally attack physically to an extent of causing death and also commit ostracism. A strategy that was developed by those militants those were against the slavery where they shed light to the public that the government was making mistakes how the treat people and that is was not the was it was suppose to be done by the law of justice.

The American government adopted a crude method of fighting the terrorist by engaging on wars instead of seeking advice from neighboring countries so that the issue could resolve peacefully. The fact that George referred the attackers as cowards, he never thought on the magnitude of the war and how the problem really was.

With the Bush’s government it is the same dissenters that they formulaed constitution others are journalists. This has brought doubts to George on whether he actually followed what was right from his advisers.

George W. Bush based his war on the what happened long time ago as for an alliance which was signed in 1936 which was formally known as Rome-Berlin Axis that comprised of Germany an Italy in Europe. The fact that they lost the battle of the World War II to the British-Soviet-US Alliance where negative associations arose afterwards made him to indicated Axis into the belligerent state of the Union address to congress. The wars which were planned to fight against the coalition states which was different from world war II was at did not receive any allies but instead had a collective status termed axis of the evil which was from the United states. Bush never gave any form of evidence whatsoever to the alliance of Iran, Iraq and North Korea.

Few months after the attacks of United States by the terrorists, the nation has engaged in humanitarian activities such as comforting the affected victims, feeding the hungry on the other hand, constructions were done on the affected parts for instance, Pentagon and New York, moreover, a number coalitions were formed in order to investigate, capture, arrest and get rid of terrorists who may at one time in future plan other attacks.

As a result of the attacks, many countries have benefited from it because tight securities have been beefed up in all areas that are suspected to house terror attackers. People who had been undergoing hardships in Afghanistan have been saved after an invasion was made to the training camps of these militia groups.

Allies and friends of the United States are enjoying protection mainly security personnel have been dispersed to areas of doubts. On a further note, any sponsor to a terror group is yet to be destroyed. For instance, the government of North Korea have starved its citizens and produced missiles to give it to the terror group so as to accomplish their missions in destroying the United States and their allies. As in Iraq, they continue to cross shoulders with the United States after they plotted to develop antthrax and nerve gas and nuclear weapons.

The war between the Iraqis and United States may favor the Americans but would not be a cakewalk. The consequences that would arise afterwards might be unbearable. First, the U.S economy would be affected because their will be a diversion into security. As they are the controllers of the economy globally, it would be affected too.

In addition, the results of the war may not be encouraging because blood has to flow. Despite the fact that the U.S army would win the fight, many innocent citizens will be greatly messed with during the attacks.

Saddam have conflicts with Israel which emerged as a result of Gulf conflict, he second chance will manage to provoke Israel because he has weapons of mass destruction, Israel on the other hand, use nuclear weapons this also have great effect to the environment.

The US has been tempted into revenge mission to the terrorists to an extent that they can not see the harm that they are causing its citizens and to the entire globe. The no-notice inspection that was carried out by the Bush military army helped them a lot in fighting the Saddam and his regime to be defeated because if they could have been notified on any attempts of inspections, then they would continue hiding their mass destruction weapons.

After the attacks in September 11, patriotism has been promoted in the entire America. It is clear that everyone within Washington has to walk with an American flag in order to be allowed to operate peacefully. This is at one point show of solidarity in that those in other countries suffered and more so to those who were victimized. United states have shown that they will stand no matter the situation to protect its citizens from any sort of terror attacks.

In the efforts to become cosmopolitan patriots the US government should consider challenges such as the one that that occurred on September 11, 2011 which is the security internally and to the international security. On the other side, the government should be aware of its capabilities into meeting emerging challenges.