Poetry analysis:

William Shakespeare, Edmund Spenser and John Donne

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Poetry analysis: William Shakespeare, Edmund Spenser and John Donne specifically for you

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English poetry invokes unique feelings and emotions, shows beauty and mastery of English Renaissance poets. Among the greatest representatives of English poetry, William Shakespeare and Edmund Spenser perform expressivity, musicality and power of language, whereas sarcastic and smart John Donne shocks society with sophisticated irony on social and ethical dilemmas in unexpected forms and style of poetry. However, love applies to everyone without discrimination, influences mood and style of poetry devoted to tender sentiment.

The poetry of William Shakespeare is inimitable and recognizable, and his poem &ldqu;All the World's a Stage” (Shakespeare, 1987) is well-known in all countries due to its beautiful comparison of acting with insincerity of love. While Shakespeare use metaphors to express the irony of love “And one man in his time plays many parts”, sarcastic John Donne hyperboles “I be Inflamed by thee.. Spare me till then” and pins “no, not the sport from country grass to confitures of court,” (Donne, 2002) in his poem “Love’s Usury”. Writing “One Day I Wrote Her Name”, Edmund Spenser (Spenser, 1994) tried to express unique emotions of the person that falls in love, denying the reality unusual and unknown, so the author use oxymoron to show this rejection “A mortal thing so to immortalize”.

The rhyme and tempo in thiis poems show the uniqueness of each poet’s style: Spenser use abab rhyming stile, while Donne expresses his perception of love in aabb style. Shakespeare’s “All the World's a Stage” is written with mixed rhyme. The language in all three poems is beautiful, however, Donne inserts French words “Or city's quelque-choses”.

Analyzing poetry, devoted to such a familiar and tender feeling as love, readers understand the depth of perception of great English poets, who were working in Renaissance period of art history. Despite the fact that their poetry differs in forms and styles, the felling of love is similar for all people. This feeling brings high feelings or disappointment and anxiety described by great English poets William Shakespeare, Edmund Spenser and John Donne.