Question 1

In every stanza of this poem, Donald Justice introduces an image that differentiates men at forty from boys. In the first stanza, Donald uses the image of a door, and he says that men at forty close doors softly, when they do not intend to return. This means that they leave these places in peace.

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Question 2

In this poem, Atwood wants people to visualize the pain that a person may experience with a hook stuck in an eye. This imagery is effective in driving the point home since an eye is irritated by some very small particles. Therefore, a fish hook will destroy the eye, just as a dysfunctional friend will destroy a person.

Question 3

The life depicted in Cinderella and the prince’s story cannot be usd to reflect real life. This is because people who live together must have one conflict or another, and they live by reconciling. They also have different ideas, and they discuss to find out the idea to follow.

Question 4

The narrator lives in a patriarchal society, and she has been confined in a house so as to have her mind rest; she cannot refuse since she is a woman, and she must obey. She focuses on a yellow wall paper with some complicated patterns, and she believes she can see women trapped behind these patterns. This shows that women in this society do not have a voice.

Question 5

The narrator, at the end (of this story), believes that he is better off than the dead man because his (narrator’s) life is spared. Although his car is wrecked, he is lucky to be alive.

Question 6

The theme that is being discussed here is the theme of marriage. This is symbolized by the image of bull’s horns. Benedict refers to this image since he holds the belief that any woman that he will marry will cheat on him.

Question 7

Women, in this play, have a lot of power. This power is contained in language. For instance, Benedict feels as if he has been stabbed when a woman tells him that he was the Prince’s jester. He feels exposed, and he is unable to do anything.

Question 8

The yellow wallpaper was my favorite text. This is because it expressed the theme of feminism, and I got to understand it well. My least favorite book text was much Ado about Nothing; it was difficult to understand some sections.