Up to the age of two to three, a child easily forgets happy or unhappy moments. He has only animal instincts to pursue. The emotional moments do not have strong impact on a child's mind. From that age onwards, his emotional senses start developing, while philosophical and spiritual selves rest need rest of the life to be developed. As a child grows up, he feels more and more attached with his childhood because the overgrowing responsibilities, overpowering demands of life and rapid awakening of the world around force him to be nostalgic about childhood.

The oppressing demands of life force him to take refuge in the dim, happy and carefree memories of childhood, when life was smooth sailing without any worries, anxieties or work. Life was nothing more than eat and be merry. The unforgettable charm of childhood keeps coming back to make him happy and move forward in life. This is the reason that all the grown up claim that childhood is the best part of life. No doubt, it is the golden period of life because cares, worries and troubles are not part of this period. A child has parent's to serve him and pamper him.

All the family is ready to shower him with blessings of love. So the kindness of parent's, love of brothers and sisters, merry games and fun with friends at school, hide and seek in the backyard, old dear home, chocolates and cakes, parties and family gatherings, everything try to come back and make them smile. So comparison between past and present would make them wish that they could be children again. Similar is the case with me. When I recall the days of my childhood, I feel happy and excited to remember the golden period of my life. At that time, I was carefree, high pirated and easily delighted with life.

I used to wander like a free soul in the open fields enjoying the natural beauty in the pastures. I would climb trees, run like deer across the pastures, ride a pony and swim in shallow ponds. There was no burden of homework or anxiety over unfinished business. Everyday was a new day to discover and enjoy the small delight of life. Life was beautiful, pure, innocent and without any feeling of corruption around. My childhood is full of incidents which still have the power to make me smile and relax. Whenever I see a Juggler with monkeys, I am minded of my childhood.

I used to love the tricks of monkey by which he tried to attract the attention of his beloved. He was always successful in the end and two of them would Jump upward and backward happily. I was very happy to see them happy together. I still remember the hot summer noon's, when my cousins and I used to catch sparrows. The immense pleasures of catching, caging and then setting the sparrows free would give me a feeling of power and domination over those nameless TTYL creatures. I en generous act AT Treeing teen would Till my near Walt childish pride.

The childhood memories have often been praised by poets and writers. The poetry of Wordsmith is full of verses which had been written in memory and praise of childhood. Whenever Wordsmith recalled his childhood, he was filled with happy, carefree and pleasing memories which had the power to make him happy in later years of life. The memory of my childhood still has power over my grown up mind. Sometimes I do wish that golden period of my life come back, but I know that it is impossible. I cannot enjoy that period again. So I cherish the happy memory of my childhood.