Pharmaceutical companies are allowed to deal in generic and/or brand medications and medical devices. They are subject to a variety of laws and regulations regarding the patenting, testing and ensuring safety and efficacy and marketing of drugs. "Pharmacies could be found all the way back until to the Middle Ages (probably to Baghdad during the Islamic Golden Age around the year 750), It wasn't until the beginning of the 20th century and the Important discoveries of pharmaceutical Industry really began. Stated In a article By Drew Liechtenstein.

Pharmaceutical marketing is the business of advertising or otherwise promoting the sale of pharmaceuticals or drugs. Pharmaceutical marketing began around the late ass to early ass. Marketers have advertised pharmaceuticals for many years. Marketers target consumers as well as hospitals, professionals and medical students using a combination of advertisements and information. The marketing practices followed pharmaceutical companies attempt to sway consumers as well as healthcare providers to use their products.

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From misleading direct to consumer advertising to gift giving, Marketing representatives from pharmaceutical companies solicit medical providers In many ways to entice them Into using their products. Advertising plays a big role In pharmaceutical marketing; stakes are higher; people could die. Doctors find a way to forcefully fit those advertised drug given to them by pharmaceutical marketers into patients health problems, even if the patients doesn't need that exact drug.

Advertising in that way is very unethical: it puts people's life in anger just to make a profit. The mass marketing of prescription drugs has created an unethical and excessively competitive environment within the pharmaceutical industry and has negatively impacted American consumers and their families. Evidences show that marketing practices can negatively affect both patients and the health care profession. With changing guidelines established by the FDA, inappropriate marketing practices can become costly to a pharmaceutical company, as well as to a provider.

Pharmaceutical company spending on marketing far exceeds hat spent on research; The Pharmaceutical Industry spends $30 billion dollars annually to market their drugs . The purpose of this report Is to demonstrate the negative side of pharmaceutical marketing and how It affects the world. My goop and I are against it and we have strong arguments identifying why. A lot of drugs are new industry takes advantage of existing conditions and make a profit of it in the section creating disease. Does this make sense? Is this beneficial to the consumer? We will address how they do it and why.