Personal Statement Time and situations instilled in me the impulse to adore those who can achieve success from apparently impossible situations. No matter what brings you down you must always get back up, brush yourself off and stand back off to what brought you down and stare it right in the face. Right from my high school, I have sustained my brilliance-both in my academics as well as in my extra-curricular. Like many students, when I passed my class 12th exam and got admission in B.

Tech, I was sure I had course of my life set. But within few months, I discovered how wrong I was. The actual challenge was now on my way. Anyways , I chose to major in electrical engineering and came to regard it as a lifelong career objective to which I would dedicate all my intelligence and energy. Time away from academia has allowed me to discover my passions and therefore my professional goals. I appreciate very much the saying "Interest is the best teacher".

I knew in addition to high ICP, I must also differentiate myself with activities that pertain to my major. Thus right from my 1st year, I began participating in various creative activities. Studying abroad will not only develop me as a worldly person in terms of culture and perspectives but I will also be ore acknowledged and competitive. My personal attributes include great originality and creativity. I am not afraid to face challenges. I have an indomitable will power that helps me to overcome difficulties.

I am brave in facing my shortcomings and good at self-analysis, self -correction and self-stimulation which has helped me to become successful in the past and will lead me to even greater success in future. Despite my parent's' worries about costs and dangers of being in a foreign company, I was able to help them look past the small risks associated with an experience that would make a competitive individual. Although my parent's have offered to help me financially, I have a personal goal not to put financial burden on my parent's and stay independent.

Lastly, I would like to quote a Chinese proverb "if you come to most commanding height, you will have the greatest vision. " By most commanding height, I mean that an education opportunity abroad will endow me with the technological advancements. By the greatest vision , I mean that I will develop international perspectives that will enable me to look ahead into the future and keep up with the latest developments. Thanking you,