Personal and Professional Healthcare Communication To be able to care for ourselves and other when there are sick we must be able to learn how to communicate successfully. I will attempt to define communication, the relevancy of effective personal health care communication with other health care professional, clients, and patients.

The relevancy of effective professional health care communication to health outcome, how the lack of effective personal and professional health care communications contributes to poor health outcomes, and the theories and principles of therapeutic communication in health care settings for the health care professional. “Communication is the process of sharing information using a set of common rules. Communication involves a transfer of information between a source and the receiver”. (Northouse, 1998, p. 2).

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Health care communication is also an effective line of communication between medical professional and patients, for example, a social worker and nurse. An essential component of the communication of health care providers is the ability to provide information which can improve patients understanding. Health care communication can be in the form of conversations between a healthcare professional and a patient on the prescriptions, over the counter medications, health education, Medicare or insurance applications or any form of health information that may be required by an individual.

Communication skills of the health care are part of the work ethics which form the foundation of practice that is important for ensuring the patients safety and quality of care. Effective communication is accomplished when the patients can effectively translate what the health care provider says by way of action and when the health care provider says by way of action and when the health care provider can relate to the needs of the patient.

Effective communication is sometime facilitated by the use of translators where language is a barrier as found in the arguments of (Servellen,1997). Relevance of effective personal healthcare communication with other health care professional, clients or patients. Effective communication provides the advantage on which diagnoses and consequent treatment is offered. Given the view that health care units are some of the most effective preventive entities in our society, community based projects are common scenarios in