In Malaysia Periods is second automobile manufacturer which after Proton. PERIODS is a leading automotive firm in the local automotive industry, with aspirations of becoming a global organization. Founded in 1993, PERIODS has grown from a company offering a single invention into a strong and dynamic Group such as the: Periods Cancel - August 1994 The Periods Russ - March 1996 The Periods Kumara - August 1998 The Periods Keenan - June 2000 The Periods Kelpies - August 2001 The periods My-vi - May 2005 The periods Viva - May 2007 The periods Nautical ADD - May 2008

The Periods Alga - November 2009 SUPPLIERS A contributory wholly-owned by Dadaists (M) SD Bad, EDM Sales SD Bad was formed in 1994. Since then, EDM Sales have successfully established as the major merchant of Periods vehicles in Malaysia, with sales/service outlets in most of the states. Factor study and hierarchical regression study are used to approve the theoretical model and to test the proposed hypotheses in the study. The findings showed that gender, level of income, level of education and age have impact on car buying pattern.

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These hypotheses are accepted product, price and promotion impotency have significant influence on the cars purchased. Periods Circle (previously recognized as Kelly Automotive Periods Malaysia) was founded in 1998 with the main objective of fostering better relationship between Periods and its vehicle owners. We are pleased to inform that Kelly Automotive Periods Malaysia (GAMMA) has been refrained with a more vibrant new identity. GAMMA is now known as PERIODS CIRCLE.

The Periods Circle members also benefit from activities such as car care workshop, factory visit, treasure hunt, bowling tournament and many more. MARKET CHANNEL Customers mostly look at cost and functionality when deciding which car to purchase. Running costs are an important consideration, especially as a result of the recession and the squeeze on incomes. Relationship marketing is marketing program or strategy to protect an existing customer base through an ongoing process by creating new value for customer. Relationship marketing ensures a loyal base of customer.

As the relationship develops the buyers starts to feel safe with the supplier and thus trust is developing. The main input of this study is towards better receptive of present car market in Malaysia would benefit the academicians, manufacturers and car sellers in knowing the impacts of outside factors on car purchaser buying pattern and the importance of family member in influencing cars purchases. A firm's division objectives will eventually be high related-?some will enhance each other while others will compete.

For example, as we have discussed, more exclusive and higher service distribution will generally entail less intensity and lesser reach. Cost has to be traded off against speed of delivery and intensity (it is such more expensive to have a product available in convenience stores than in supermarkets, for example). For a company it is very necessary to have updated date and to have a close watch and to assess the ever changing environment around them. There are 2 types of environment and there are Micro Environment and Macro Environment.

MICRO ENVIRONMENT Micro environment factors are factors close to a business that have a direct impact on its business operations and success. Before deciding corporate strategy businesses should carry out a full analysis of their micro environment. As all businesses need customers, they should be Centered (Orientated) around customers. The firm's marketing plan should aim to attract and retain customers through products that meets their "wants and needs" and excellent customer service. Employing staff with relevant skills and experience is essential.

This process begins at recruitment stage and continues throughout an employee's employment via ongoing training and promotion opportunities. Suppliers provide businesses with the materials they need to carry out their business activities. A supplier's behavior will erectly impact the business it supplies. For example if a supplier provides a poor service this could increase timescales or product quality. An increase in raw material prices will affect an organization's Marketing Mix strategy and may even force price increases.

Close supplier relationships are an effective way to remain competitive and secure quality products. While for the micro environment consists of 6 factors in PERIODS such as customer, company, competitors, supplier, Marketing Intermediaries & public. CUSTOMER Customer can be divided into 5 types such as consumer market, business market, seller market, Government market & global market. The consumer market in Periods manufacturing shows that Periods Company comes with varies vehicles that are able to attract buyers particularly these who want an reasonable yet efficient vehicle.

The company mostly targets on individuals or family who want to buy worth car at a quality as Periods Company sets up the prices that are sensible and affordable by most consumers. Periods Minify is product on May 2005 by Periods Company which is one of the examples for individual or family use. Besides that the equines market is the companies which buy goods and services are to be used in the production id other goods For instance, Periods Company buys the parts from other countries but the assembling is done in Malaysia.

The companies that purchases the goods or services and resell the product without making any changes to it. For examples, Periods dealers get the manufactured goods from the main company and finally distribute to them without making any changes of the cars. For government market they may pay for it to be used it in the production of goods and services. For example, the model of Periods Minify, Periods Cancel, Periods Viva are provided to the government for the use of National Parade Day.

The products used for the use of the government to carry on with the government duties. For international market, Periods Minify purchases for the overseas market such as United Kingdom, Singapore, Brunet, Fiji, Nepal and Sir Lankan. COMPANY This segment is about the togetherness which should be there among all departments so that the product will be delivered to the customer in the desired time. This process will be an incomplete process if there are disagreements between apartments, which will result in a delay of not delivering the product to the customer on time.