Overview This programmer is designed to equip graduates with the knowledge and skills to work at a high level in the design and construction of major infrastructure projects. Its structure allows students to choose from a broad range of courses including foundation engineering; safety, risk and reliability; water and treatment and project management, among others. This programmer design allows students to select courses which best fit their personal and professional needs, ensuring maximum added value to each Individual's study aspirations.

Delivered only by Independent Distance Learning () this programmer is ideal for those in employment or with other commitments, providing flexible study options that fit around work or family. Our students and graduates Our students are recruited mainly from the civil engineering profession and are typically looking to broaden their knowledge base, extend their technical expertise or gain further learning to meet the needs of the professional institutions. Applicants from other backgrounds planning to develop a career in civil engineering will also be considered.

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Graduates of this programmer are much sought after by engineering employers, working In areas such as transport, water and engineering and the energy sector. Professional recognition This MASK degree is accredited as meeting the requirements for Further Learning for a Chartered Engineer (Cent) for candidates who have already acquired an Accredited Cent (Partial) Bang(Hans) or an Accredited ' (Full) Bang/ (Hans) undergraduate first degree. See www. ]. Org. UK for further information.

Industry links This programmer Is supported by the Civil Engineering Industry Advisory Committee, which includes representatives from major employers , , , , Jacobs and Group. This committee convenes regularly and advises on the programmer content and structure, ensuring quality, up-to-date content and relevance to industry needs. Our teaching staff is engaged in a wide range of research within the field of civil engineering, with 50% of that research recognized as being internationally excellent by the most recent Research Assessment Exercise (RAY 2008).

Our track record in teaching civil engineering is strong, with our undergraduate programmer ranked in Scotland in the 2013 Guardian University Guide and in the INK in the 2012 National Student Survey. Over half of our teaching staff are chartered engineers. With a history dating back to 1821, -Watt is one of the Auk's leading universities, and Scotland most international. Find out more about -Watt University's reputation, rankings and international profile.

The Institute for Infrastructure and Environment This programmer is delivered by Watt University Institute for Infrastructure and Environment. As a Civil Engineering postgraduate student you will be part of the Institute's Graduate School, connecting you with staff, research associates and fellow students engaging in cutting-edge research in areas such as water management, ultra-speed railways, construction materials, and more.