Patriotism It is not for him to pride himself who loveth his own country, but rather for him who loveth the whole world. The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens. This statement was made by Bahaullah, a religious leader from the late 1800s. He taught his followers that all people are equal. We, as Americans are also lead to believe this, although our society may not convey this at all times.

Patriotism is not just part of a veterans past, a soldier's life, or a naval officers pride. Patriotism is a promise all those who call themselves citizens of the United States to live life loving, sharing and respecting all those around us. Americanism is religious freedom, no bias of race or color. We have many freedoms that many other countries are not as fortunate to have. As the melting pot of many races and religions, our patriotism should be toward all nations of the world.

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We, as citizens of the United States, are responsible for keeping the opportunities open that were promised by our forefathers when they founded this country: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. American patriotism can be seen as respect for others' heritage and culture. It is the common love of the land we call home. America was built on multiple cultural backgrounds fleeing persecution, poverty and a life without simple freedoms. The opportunities reflected a life that many could only dream of.

Our backgrounds may all differ in origin, but in our nationality we are all patriotic Americans. As the future of this country, we are bound to continue the works to make a great nation that began with the founding of this land; to appreciate our heritage; defend American ideals. This is our promise. This is our priority. This is our way to show our appreciation to the soldiers and founders of this country.

This is our way to show our patriotism. American History.