1. Overview
1.1 Process

The basic steps to installing PatientOS are divided into the backend system and front end client

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a) Backend System
Install the PatientOS software base version.
Install the PatientOS updater software.
Install and create a PostgreSQL database version 8.2 or higher.
Import the PatientOS database contents.
Start the PatientOS application server.
b) Frontend Client
Install the PatientOS software.
Install the latest software updates.
Start the PatientOS client.
1.2 Definitions


Refers to the PatientOS software as a system.


Programming language developed by Sun


An Open Source (free) database server, an alternative Oracle, SQLServer, etc.

Application Server

The ‘backend’ J2EE server which clients connect to.


The rich (fat) client graphic user interface (GUI) with which the users interact.

2.1 PatientOS Download
2.1.1 Windows

The PatientOS download is hosted at Sourceforge. Here is the direct URL

Windows Base Install


PostgreSQL Database Server Software


PatientOS Demo Database Contents



Links from the website redirect to sourceforge where it is often difficult to find the download link – look for the text “use this direct link” circled in red below.

2.2 PatientOS Base Installation
2.2.1 Installer

Run the downloaded setup executable PatientOS-0.97-Setup.exe and follow the prompts

a) Installer Language Selection

The first language selection prompt is for the installer language not the PatientOS language.

b) Destination Directory

The destination directory defaults to Program Files. The directory’s disk should reserve at least 750MB space for the installation. A client only install will require less space, the server will grow significantly larger.

The target directory defaults to 0.97. It would recommended to install into a version agnostic directory such as

C:Program FilesPatientOSdemo


C:Program FilesPatientOSproduction

However for the rest of the document we will assume the path installed as C:Program FilesPatientOS