Abstract: This paper is about what are unity, how to Implemented, and the advantages of outlining In writing paragraphs. The purpose of paper Is to Improve knowledge on basic writing skill especially writing paragraphs. This paper describes the explaining of unity and outlining In paragraph. The results of discussion are every good paragraph has unity, which discuss only one Idea In each paragraph, so all supporting sentences must directly support the topic sentence. In addition, paragraph outlining is useful as a plan for a paragraph.

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It organizes the idea should be written in parallel form and follow the equivalent. Key words: unity, outlining, paragraph, parallel Part 1 Introduction Nowadays, most of student should master English not only verbal or oral language but also they must be able to write academic writing. One of main problem feels by most students when they have to write a good academic writing. Even If student of English department, they still difficult to how to write and express their Ideas to article or other written work form.

This matter see from still the lowness ability of hem In writing and making to write that as a requirement of them dabbling academic world. This condition made a compulsory for student to be able writing well in right structure also the unity of writing works. It is important thing for students to understand unity in paragraph and how to arrange sentences; therefore, it will nice to read and logic to read. Unity in paragraph make sentences in paragraph become clearer and related each other. This function make the reader understand what the writer write easily and the outlining became one of important point in rating process.

According to Rife (2006) on Peter (2008) the process of writing including: It purposes relies heavily on possession of adequate vocabulary, knowledge of syntactical structures and appropriate strategies for planning, composing, reviewing, and revising written language. The ability in generate Ideas and organize appropriate content for writing also need to be able to spell the necessary words with some accuracy, and finally, writing requires fine-motor coordination and automatic in handwriting or key boarding.

It is because writing is complex skill involving multiple process and abilities that problems can arise for some students. There are reasons to suppose that the number of students with writing difficulties is even greater than the number of experiencing difficulties in reading with understanding; furthermore, the reasons of discussion is to make the students understand how important using unity and outlining in develop their ability in writing paragraph also essay and soon. Next, the advantages of learning unity, we will know about the Importance of unity in the way make paragraph become unite ND the sentences related each other.

On the other hand, the advantages of using outline In paragraph are: 1. Clarity. If we cannot write a clear sentence summarizing the paragraph's point, we certainly cannot write a clear paragraph. 2. Flow of argument. It is much easier to quickly judge if present order of paragraphs (as sentences in the outline) makes the most detective argument. 3. Efficiency. Revision to the plan of paper is much easier and quicker if you have only to delete and re-order sentences. 4. Writing to length.

From sentence outline we can easily Judge manuscript's length and modify to keep essential material within the desired length. 5. Time. All the above clarity, argument flow, efficiency, length management can be done faster using a sentence outline. The purpose of discussion are to (1) describe what is the definition of unity, (2) know what are the main points in formed unity paragraph, (3) know how to differ between a unified paragraph and the lack in unified one, (4) describe the meaning of outline, (5) explain the rule on paragraph outlining, and (6) how to use outline in formed paragraph.