W. L. Gore Associates is one of the most advanced and yet productive companies of the universe. It is a company of 7500 employees, holding more than 1000 different fluoropolymer merchandises and about $ 2 billion as one-year gross. It is a high engineering company included in the list of United States 100 best companies to work for ( Gore, 2008 ) .

W. L. Gore has ever appeared as the `` best companies to work for '' in the United States and many states in Europe every bit good. The company was at the top of the list in the United Kingdom, and considered the `` 100 Best Companies to work for '' from 2004 to 2007. This was all because of the `` The Gore Method '' attack that was established many old ages ago ( France, Leahy & A ; Parsons, 2009 ) . Bill Gore had made a company with a smooth networked construction where every member of the company shared the same place, which was an associate place and this made it really of import to run the concern at different degrees ( France, Leahy & A ; Parsons, 2009 ) .

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W. L. Gore and Associates, is a basic but good thought out Management Company that bring together a web of other companies that have a broad assortment of company construction and outward visual aspect of being a well put together company ( Hamel and Bill, 2007 ) . They have set some regulations based on their chief focal point and purpose to supply an aggressive scope of creativity for their company 's benefit for their employees. W. L. Gore enforced the patron plan when it comes to associates alternatively of holding directors or supervisor ( France, Leahy & A ; Parsons, 2009 ) . Gore felt holding a hierarchy that it would switch persons ' creativeness to his associates for a complete leading organisation. All associates have patrons from the beginning of their employment and continue to hold them throughout their clip of being with the company. Patrons are responsible for tracking the associate 's advancement, assisting and promoting all to cover with the strengths and failings of the associate ( Gore, 2008 ) .

The direction manner of W. L. Gore has enforced the lattice construction which is a really complex construction with no rubrics, hierarchy, or a conventional construction. Gore merely has a few rubrics in his organisation and the lone ground he has the little figure of rubrics was because they were required by the Torahs of incorporation ( Gore, 2008 ) . The lattice construction uses direct lines of communicating with persons. It does non hold an intermediary, it give associates a opportunity to work out their ain jobs. This construction besides has no fixed or assigned authorization which is a major strength because what some people ca n't manage, others will state them what to make or how to needfully make a peculiar undertaking ( Davis, Weckler and Paris, 1996 ) .

The Gore organisation treats everyone at the same degree and everyone is referred to as an associate. However, some that take on the leading functions are referred to as leaders non directors ( Gore, 2008 ) . Leadership is widespread throughout the lattice organisation and it is continuously altering and germinating ( Robbins & A ; Coulter, 1996 ) . Leaderships are non at that place to be directors or supervisors but are at that place to rede associates of effects of actions. It gives associates duty for their ain compensation which is a major strength because people are traveling to work harder if their productiveness reflects their payroll checks ( Hamel and Bill, 2007 ) . The construction allows associates to turn within the company by developing interpersonal relationships, gives self committedness, duties, leading and subject ( Drucker, 1992 ) .

The individuals who are working for the different leaders must cognize that he or she is non merely working for the leader but for the whole squad every bit good and this was going a job ( Fink, 1992 ) . Additionally, this company has a clear concatenation of bid, and the workers knew who their leaders were and they knew who to react to each twenty-four hours. However, in this instance, because the workers themselves had decided what they needed to work on, they set their ain ends in which the job became that the lone individual they responded to is the other workers or themselves ( Katzell & A ; Yankelovich 1975 ) .

The organisation provides categories for associates to assist them with leading development and set up concerted instruction plans ( Carnevale, Gainer and Meltzer, 1990 ) . Lattice construction gives the associates of W.L. Gore a natural feeling of leading at the same clip learning them to be followings and so turn to be leaders. The Gore organisational construction gives associates the right to be free with their on the job procedure. It gives more bureaucratism that allows employees to be a batch more productive. Employees do n't hold to travel about to different sections or governments when it comes to doing different purchases that will assist them with their occupation descriptions ( Gannon, 2004 ) .

The policy of the organisation has a steadfast place, which is based on non-discriminatory criterions of the work force hiring patterns irrespective of the fact that whether they are straight persons or homophiles ( Collins, 2000 ) . The company believes that all employees will be given the same benefits as the other employees ( Hamel and Bill, 2007 ) . In the twelvemonth of 2008, there were 39 per centum of the workers that were adult females and about 17 per centum were from the same minority group ( Gore, 2008 ) .

The company is non engaging people to merely make full the empty place in the company, but they are besides concentrating on the flexibleness and the alone environment of the company that will guarantee the strengths of the new workers ( Gadot, 2003 ) . New associates coming into the Gore organisation may happen it really hard to concentrate at first because they have no peculiar country to work in where they need to concentrate ( France, Leahy & A ; Parsons, 2009 ) . To stay an associate 1 must first hunt within to happen your peculiar involvement in the company, figure out what you are good at and lodge with it. Associates need to stay productive so that they can acquire compensated for their work. This company gives associates the chance to go their ain foreman and it gives the entrepreneurship function and if people ca n't manage that function being an associate for Gore is non a good thought ( France, Leahy & A ; Parsons, 2009 ) .

The Gore Company encourages original and new thoughts, and the workers are allowed to set themselves in topographic points where he or she wants to be, but this poses different jobs that need to be addressed to hold a successful and powerful company ( France, Leahy & A ; Parsons, 2009 ) .

There were no instructions established or in topographic point that would make up one's mind the different degrees of communicating between employees and direction ( Boxall & A ; Dowling, 1999 ) . There is no foreman in their company ; alternatively they have in topographic point, excessively many company leaders which are one of their ruins. The Associates are given the option to follow the leaders alternatively of holding a foreman over them. The public presentation of each worker in the company is based on a system that depends on peer rating and a deficiency of construction ( France, Leahy & A ; Parsons, 2009 ) .

Small working squads did interact with each other, and hence, they were working in a more professional environment. The squads were known to bring forth a merchandise, which was to finish a given undertaking that involved squad work, because these workers do non hold the emphasis of their foremans and their public presentation degree was at its best and it besides increased their ability to go productive leaders ( Hitt, 1990 ) . Like many of the other companies, the workers are allowed to complete the undertaking that was assigned harmonizing to their programs and put their ain ends, which allowed them more freedom.

W. L. Gore associate is considered as a extremely ethical company. The company does non believe in layoffs and cutting wage, which, has a high grade of being non actuating for employees morale ; alternatively the company uses a system of impermanent transportations and voluntary ballad offs ( Gore, 2008 )

W. L. Gore Associates has no mission or vision statements but it allows its associates to develop such statements for them if they feel it is appropriate. This gives a sense of belonging to the associates and the company believes that equity physiques trueness and trust, so it ever tries to be just. Even in the most stable environments, alteration is changeless, no affair how little. Change is any accommodation of the organisation 's current state of affairs. Creativity of different thoughts is generated or modernisation, the transmutation of originative thoughts is all different signifiers of alteration. W. L. Gore associate adapts change easy and therefore proves itself a dynamic company ( Hamel and Bill, 2007 ) .

W. L Gore Associates thought has come up so successfully that they have many old ages of profitableness with such a simple and alone direction manner. One of the most of import schemes to acquire best out of an employee and to retain it centered on assisting him to cut down work-life emphasis because the statistics has shown that over 70 one per centum of the employees of present concern universe cited its civilization and environment of the company as one of the chief grounds they stay with the company ( Fink, 1992 ) . W. L Gore Associates had adopted this scheme from the really get downing which is the chief ground of their success.