As soon as taken office, any government tends to come up with new ideas and projects that they tend to realize In order to affect the social economic conditions of the population to serve. In the united States, speeches from new elected presidents always tend to make people believe that we are about to start a new kind of life with a fresh machinery of government. This is the case of the reinvention movement for democratic governance that is still largely a source of explanation of the American public administration orientation.

As explained in the book "Introducing Public Administrations", the idea of reinventing government is rationally the continuation of the progressive movement's philosophy of continuous improvement ( Shaft, page 105) . That means there is no way that we can consider this concept as new in terms of public policy in America. Since 1948, in his book "The administrative state "Dwight Wald explained that politicians do not have enough to concentrate to serious problems and find pragmatic solutions. He also explains that even the earliest writers on public administration were highly practical people.

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Reinventing government was constructed by very conscious citizen who took moments to examine attentively the government close, Infrequently active participating, and then concentrate to see what the better directions to give to the administration of the public affairs. One important aspect of the reinvention movement is the model market value where government puts emphasis on customers and entrepreneurial management. The journalist Michael Lind talks about a new federalism that changes the old reality when officials were determined to provide basic public goods such as policing, public dads and transports networks, and public schools.

He concludes that "in the United States, to a degree unmatched in other industrialized democracy, these public goods are once again becoming private luxuries" ( Shaft, page 81 ). The idea of reinvention of government Is not new even different actions are taken by each administration to respond by Its fundamental philosophy. That was the case with the Reagan administration with Its radical changes In the nation's fiscal and tax polices. The same administration redefined domestic prolepses and curtailed federal programs specially grant to state and local government designed to solve social problems.

Changes with the purpose of reinvention were also operated by the Clinton administration. During the 1 992 presidential campaign, President Clinton promised to make the federal government "work better and cost less. " Soon after he took office, President Clinton created the National Performance Review and appointed Vice President AY Gore as its head. His appointment of Gore, a close friend, demonstrated the administrations on- going commitment to the reform (Huh ,2002). He gave the ask force a six-month deadline to review the federal government.

The program National Performance Review in 1 993 was launched In order to make federal government both less expensive and more efficient. "Reinventing government comes after a number of books dealing with the need for change In business management philosophy.