Make recommendations on how the organisation should enhance its use of e-business technologies to enhance its international use. Argos was overly dependent in the United Kingdom market. Merely, the organisation focuses on their strategic plans and applies it within the nation. Argos e-commerce retailing business has been successful since the financial economic status of the country is stable and customers have been dedicated in online purchasing. However, creating a presence in the international market for expansion has a huge impact in sales and profits the organisation.

The biggest challenge of global e-business is localizing to a new market prospect. Considerations are mostly highlighted in terms of communication, the markets customs and culture to be effective. “You have to have something unique and differentiable as far as a product to get attention”. (Begin, 2010) The biggest challenge for the organisation is to establish awareness in the chosen market and their business practices. A common problem is that how to translate the language in order for the new target market understands the nature of the business and goods and services provided online.

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For instance; Argos would start operating in Asia or other European countries, wide range of languages should be in the content page to make it less complex for the people to comprehend. Moreover, customer service representative should be able to speak the language and communicate properly; concisely and knows accurate translation which could pass the message to the customers in a simple manner with regards to the payment method and giving of deep discount to a certain product. For Argos to generate effectively in a target market, it would be recommended to find a local partner who understands local customers well.

It is a business venture for a retailer to operate internationally but the benefits of selling far outweigh the challenges. The internet has no boundaries, getting access to reach out to international buyers. Argos website can be appealing to foreign customers by willingness to accept international orders of their product, the website has a multi-language toggle, list of products in local currency and offering clear information on shipment, costs, return policies and countries served.

International customs, currencies, taxes and regulations should be understood. Beal, V. (2010). Going Global with Your Ecommerce Business. Ecommerce-Guide. 0 (1), 1. Conclusion: As time went by, various technological advances guided the evolution of ecommerce. Retail marketing is one of the ideal ways to purchase online. The creativity of e-commerce business makes life easier and accessible. The more competitions, marketplaces, faster transactions, innovative technologies make activities between customers and producers more active.

The future is faster as it holds more than in the past. The e-business and e-commerce offer a great impact in the human lives, very far-reaching and prominent in the present time. Globalisation of the business arises because of the revolutionary digitalisation of technology. For organisation like Argos in the retailing industry, the competition is very tight and many people wanted to involve in online business.