at One ContributesLife is a dramatic subject that many writers choose as a topic. Life is not only an ocean of melancholy but also offers real joy. Earnest Hemingway successfully won a Nobel Prize on this theme by writing The Old Man and the Sea. The old man, Santiago, was the main character of the story. During his lonely journey out at sea, he learned that life offered him an undeniable joy, plus frustration. Honor, heroism, and struggle were obstacles Santiago encountered which provided him courage and faith.

For instance, Santiagos life was filled with honor. The past and the present were memories for which the old man was most proud. The old man endured tremendous physical pain and leading him to almost give up. To encourage himself, the old man remembered the time when he was El Campeon, which mean The Champion in Spanish. For a long time after that everyone had called him The Champion (pg. 70). The memory of being a victor revived Santiagos stamina, encouraging him to seek another goal. His next goal, the Marlin, ultimately challenged him. FishIll stay with you until I am dead. (pg. 52). At the moment when Santiago harpooned the Marlin through the heart, he knew that he was victorious. This act realistically sobered Santiago; he gained more honor and self-confidence. As a result, Santiagos life was filled with a feeling of nobility.

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Furthermore, Santiago often talked about his hero. It was Joe DiMaggio, a famous and eminent baseball player. Joe DiMaggio directly and indirectly affected the old man. His actions and his attitudes contributed to the old mans life. But I must have the confidence and I must be worthy of the great DiMaggio. (Pg. 68). Thinking about DiMaggio showed the old man the way to victory. His worship of DiMaggio woke the courage that was within the old mans heart.

As Santiago thought the ultimate challenge was over, the worse was yet to come. The shark had sensed the Marlins blood and moved after it. It approached and ate the Marlin. The old man had to fight back with them. Fight them. Ill fight them until I die. (Pg. 115). Santiago used all of his supplies to fight with the shark: harpoon, tiller, etc. By the time Santiago came back to Havana, the Marlin now was just a carcass bone. The sharks played an important role in the story. Its presence determined the loss of prize to the old man and a moment of regrets. In fact, it also demonstrated the ideal that fame just came and slipped away.

In conclusion, the story of Santiago was absolutely an example of life. Life was so precious. It just went up and down left to its civilization many deep scars. It also offered fame but swiftly retook it. On the other hand, with the loss of prize, the old man has been given another gift from life. The gift was called faith.