who bathes Odysseus
a maid, Eurynone
why does penelope know nothing of the battle?
she was asleep through all of it
what does penelope think had happened to the old nurse when she tells her that Odysseus is back?
she thinks she has gone mad
what does penelope call troy?
why is penelope angry with the old maid?
she has woken her up from her sleep and she thinks that the maid is mocking her
what 'saves' the maid from being punished by penelope?
the fact that she is old
what does penelope do when the maid tells her shes not kidding?
she jumps put of bed, crying tears of joy, and hugs the maid
what does the maid tell penelope when penenlope asks her how odysseus was able to defeat all the suitors
she says that she didnt see Odysseus kill the suitors because she was locked in a room so she doesnt know.
who told the maids to finally come out of hiding after the battle?
how does odysseus appear after the battle? what does the maid compare him to?
he appears bloody and triumphant. she says he is a lion with his kill
what does penelope tell the old maid after the maid sings Odysseus praises after the battke
she tells her not to rejoice just yet because they don't know if it even is Odysseus
who does penelope rely think killed the suitors?
the gods
what sign does the old maid tell penelope of to prove that its odysseus?
the white scar he recieved from a boar while hunting
what does telemachus say when penelope doesnt embrace odysseus right away?
he calls her hard-hearted and asks her why she doesnt sit beside him him and talk to him
why does penelope think that she and Odysseus will know each other if its him?
they have secret signs
what does Telemachus compliment Odysseus on?
his battle strategy and mapping tactics
what is odysseus plan for getting penelope to recognize him?
to bathe, put on fresh clothes and then meet her in an orchard while the bards and servants make noise as if theres a party
what do the villagers say of penelope when they think she has married someone else?
They call her callous and faithless
what did Athena do to Odyesseus?
Made him appear great in the eyes of others. More handsome, stronger, bigger
what does Odysseus do when he calls penelope harder than any other woman in the world?
he says he will sleep alone. He tells the nurse to make a bed for him
what does penelope do to prove that its odysseus?
She tells the nurse to move the bed that Odysseus made out of olive tree wood
what color does the oxhide gleam?
what did odysseus use to bore holes in his bed?
an auger.
what did odysseus put on the bed when he was making it?
Ivory inlays, gold and silver fittings, oxhide straps and used a bronze smoothing adze
how does Odysseus react to the idea of moving his bed?
He hates it. he explodes with anger and calls it his life story
what proves that Odysseus is who he is to Penelope?
how he reacted to moving the bed
who does penelope blame for her family's sorrow?
the gods
why is the bed such good proof?
no one but Odysseus, a servant, and penelope knew about the secret sign of their bed
when did odysseus cry?
when he was holding penelope on his arms
what does Homer compare Odysseus' joy to?
the joy of sailors having long been at stormy seas, catching sight of the shore
athena does what to prolong Odysseus' happiness?
Holds back dawn and extends the nighttime
who are the colts that race morning on?
blaze and aurora
why does odysseus think there is more trouble ahead?
Tiresisas said that it would be so
what did the prophet say will happen to Odysseus ?
He must carry an oar until he comes to people who dont know about the sea, and whose food isnt salted, and when another traveler meets up with him he must put the oar in the ground and sacrifice a ram, a bull and a boar to Poseidon.
how is Odysseus going to die?
He will doe a gentle painless death when he is old with all his family and friends around him
what does Athena do after Odysseus sleeps
she lets dawn move across the sky and wakes him and penelope up
how is odysseus going to get his herds back?
from raids and gifts from the Ithacans
what does Odyseeus advise Penelope to do while he goes out to get animals?
he says she shousl take her women up into her chamber and not come out
who leads Odysseus and his men quickly out of town?
What is Hermes called?
Hermes the Healer
Who brings the suitors down to the underworld?
What metal is Hermes' wand made out of?
Where do the 'dead, burnt-out wraiths of mortals make their home'
The fields of asphodel
Whose ghosts do the suitors meet?
Achilles, Patroclus, Antilochus, Agamemnon and Ajax
Who greets Agamemnon first?
What does Agamemnon say happened after Achilles' died?
They kept fighting, and then Thetis, Achilles' mom, rose from the sea and let out a cry. The nymphs dressed the body and the Muses sang for him as they mourned
How long did the men mourn for Achilles?
17 days
What happened on the 18th day after Achilles' death?
They burned his body, with god's clothes, oils and honey, and they slaughtered animals around his body and made a funeral procession
What did they do with Achilles' bones when his body had burned?
they cured them in wine and seasoned oils and put them in an urn from his mother, a gift from Dionysus
Who else's bones are in Achilles' urn?
Patroclus' bones
What did they put above Achilles' urn?
A shrine to him over Hellespont
What are funeral games?
Games played at funerals to win prizes from the dead
Why does Achilles say Agamemnon was fated to die a wretched death?
Agamemnon didn't die in battle, despite his reputation for glory
who does Agamemnon recognize?
Amphimedon, who had Agamemnon as a guest once.
How does Penelope try to get out of marrying a suitor?
She tells them she will marry when her weaving is done, then takes apart her weaving each night
How does Agamemnon react to the suitors' tale?
He rejoices that Penelope was faithful to Odysseus
Upon arriving at Laertes' house, what does Odysseus say to his men?
He tells them to go into the lodge so that he can see if Laertes recognizes him
Where does Odysseus find his father?
planting a tree
How does Odysseus test Laertes?
He tells him he is searching for Ithaca, for a man he describes as himself.
How does Laertes respond when he finds out its Odysseus?
He asks for proof, so Odysseus shows him the scar, and then he faints with joy, hugging Odysseus
Who does Laertes thank for Odysseus' return?
the gods
Who makes Laertes better to look at after his bath?
What is the name of Laertes servant?
What happens when the people of Ithaca find out that all the suitors are dead?
They drag the bodies of the dead out and mourn them before trying to find and kill Odysseus
Who speaks against having the suitors' families kill odysseus? Who speaks for it?
Eupithes speaks for it, Halitherses against it
What does Zeus say when Athena asks for his advice?
He says its her plans and she should do what feels right, but that she should make everybody peaceful again and purge their memories of the slaughter
Who stops the men form fighting?
What does Odysseus say to Telemachus right before they fight the suitors' families?
Don't disgrace my family and our history of good warriors